Boris Johnson takes another leap forward in the race to replace Theresa May as the leader of the Tory party and Prime Minister, but Sajid Javid has to content himself with the early bath.


Just a quick update on the contest to determine the Conservative Party leader.

The results of the fourth Tory leadership vote amongst MPs has just been announced, with Boris jumping another 14 votes to take what is now an overall majority of the 313 votes available of 157.

There were 313 votes cast, but two of them were spoiled votes.

But as I said might happen, Michael Gove gained another ten votes today to take him to 61 supporters and easing ahead of Jeremy Hunt who only managed to gain another supporters five to get to 59.

Sajid Javid lost four votes and was eliminated with only 34 votes.

There will now be another vote this evening to cut down to the final two candidates who will tour the country trying to get the support of Tory party members.

And, at the moment, it's beginning to look like it will be a Johnson versus Gove affair, with Boris as the overwhelming favourite.

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