The latest Conservative Party vote amongst MPs for a new leader sees Boris Johnson Consolidating his lead, but Rory Stewart misses out.


Boris Johnson increased his support base by 17 so increasing his lead over his nearest rival from 80 votes to 89.

But Rory Stewart lost ten votes and ended up with the fewest number of votes, so has been eliminated from the Tory leadership contest.

And here's the full breakdown of all the rounds so far for those remaining in the race for this vote.

Boris Johnson has increased his vote by 17 from 126 to 143 showing a steady march towards the prize.

While Jeremy Hunt, who is still in second place – just – adds eight to his score to take him to 54.

But Michael Gove is now hot on Hunt's heels having increased by ten to 51 and, looking at the rate of growth in his support base, it is entirely possible that he will outpace Jeremy Hunt in the end.

Sajid Javid is now in fourth having overtaken Rory Stewart and has increased his score by five to take him to 38.

But as I said at the start, it is Rory Stewart that has now fallen by the way-side as ten of those that voted for him yesterday decided to place their votes elsewhere today.

I must admit that I thought he could hang on a bit longer due to his more Remain credentials and this result might show that the Conservative Party MPs are acutely aware that only someone who backs achieving Brexit at the earliest opportunity will do.

There are now two votes due tomorrow – one at lunchtime and one in the evening, as long as none of the remaining candidates decides overnight to drop out of the contest that is – and many commentators are saying that Sajid Javid might do just that.

So, by tomorrow evening we will know which two of these four remaining candidates will be going to the Conservative Party members to decide who the new party leader and Prime Minister will be.

And the pundits are already measuring up those likely to be filling all those cabinet posts once Boris has his impedimenta inside the rooms of Number Ten.

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