A young boy of ten has been so successful at shedding weight during his fitness regime that he was invited to speak in The House of Commons.

Tom Broomhall attended Westminster with Justin Tomlinson MP (North Swindon) as a result of losing some 19 lbs by going through the Mind, Exercise, Nutrition … Do it (MEND) programme.

Established in 2004 MEND is a "social enterprise dedicated to reducing global overweight and obesity levels". It aims not only to make children fitter and happier, but families too. It is a joint effort between Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the University College London Institute of Child Health. So far they has delivered more than 400 programmes across the world to the benefit of over 15,000 families.

According to the Swindon Advertiser, before embarking on the Programme Tom used to eat six or seven chocolate bars a day, but he has now managed to change to a more healthy eating lifestyle since joining the MEND programme two years ago. He went along because at that young age he was already as big as his mother.

This has been a life changing event for the young lad. “I feel so much happier since I lost the weight, I’ve got more energy now, I can play football for longer and can keep up with my mates when running. I used to get picked on and I never had any friends but now I’ve got the whole school.” He said.

His mother was equally delighted saying  "It's about caring about the way you cook and cooking better and cooking smarter." And that it had had a " … massive impact on the family."

Tom attended with 24 families from across the country who want to lobby MPs for support. Unfortunately the Irish crisis talks dragged the PM away who was also due to attend.

Whether parent or teachers, we should not leave it this late before acting. Obesity in children is rising and we cannot afford to wait until realisation dawns on them that something needs to be done.

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