It is with a heavy heart that I must report that the unconfirmed rumours of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may possibly be true.

The reason my heart is heavy is because I am upset that I have to write on such an unimportant event (Unless you're Brad, Angelina or one of their children) when I am sure the individuals (Brad and Angelina) involved would much prefer for the media's attention to be firmly locked on other more pressing world events.

In the Hope for Haiti concert Brad Pitt stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Haiti and used his celebrity status in a noble and commendable way, it is just such a shame that the press wouldn't take the same initiative and follow his example and focus on the problems at hand.

According to reports Angelina and Brad are going 50/50 on everything from their £205 million fortune and their children and I hope that it if they do decide to split it will be an amicable split for all involved but that is the sum of the importance of this story in these times.

To add to the farcical media frenzy, friends of the couple have denied the claims of the split so one is left wondering what all the fuss is about.

I call for a media blackout when it comes to the gutter press and the unimportant lives of celebs which seem to take up so much time and have become the focal point of public interest when there is a large chunk of the population of this planet that is suffering.

During times of a disaster a ban should be placed on all reality television programs and soaps with pleas from charities broadcast night and day with programs designed to motivate the public into forming their own relief systems that could link into a larger network of supply for aid.

Brangelina (Tacky and tripe abbreviation for the cerebrally challenged) will be fine today and tomorrow and thereafter, they are rich, good looking, and talented  enough  to carve a future out and find love again if they spilt up and that's a big if.


There are millions who's lives are at risk , and as you read this article many of them will die alone and frightened.

We must focus our every waking moment to help these desperate people and not on hypothetical relationship breakdowns.

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