Young care worker Jessica Davey, 22, won a 30 hour stand-off with a car clamper to prevent her being charged a release fee.

Her car was clamped when she left it outside her own home in Wesley Court, Salisbury within a space for which she had a permit. She says that the permit was in plain view on the dashboard top but, as it was not affixed to the windscreen she was clamped by wheel clamper Anthony Brindley.

When Jessica went to drive off at 7 am that morning she found the clamp and Mr Brindley demanded £110 to get it released.

Jessica's response? She sat in her car to prevent it being towed away and phoned the police who, as it was a purely civil matter would not respond. Jessica also called her boyfriend, Simon Baker, who came to help her but the police did now respond to arrest him on suspicion of criminal justice after he tried to remove the clamp. He was later released without charge.

Jessica then sat in the car for 30 hours missing work. The first to weaken and break was the car clamper and Jessica then managed to free the clamped car after he had gone.

Car clamping is a nasty business that actually prevents drivers doing what the space owner wants, that is quickly removing the car.

Gas and electric companies have to jump through hoops before they can cut people off from a necessity of modern day life. So how come an opportunistic car clamper can get away with it and charge what they like in the process?

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