Just a short audio only update to say – hold on to your hats guys we might be on the verge of an early full blown Brexit!


I've just caught a Tweet from Daddy Dragon and I'll quote it here direct:

"Wow, It is being suggested by a senior Tory that @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet is preparing to give a "consent order" to the High Court in relation to the @RobinTilbrook case for leave. Evidently he can do this under "Crown Prerogative" as he is named as 1st respondent."

If you remember, after the first Article 50 extension, the chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, lodged a judicial review case with the Administrative Court arguing that the extension was unlawful.

And Theresa May's government lodged a defence to protect her decision.

What this news amounts to, is Boris Johnson pulling that government defence to the case Robin Tilbrook put into the courts in April this year.

This would mean that the government would be accepting that the first Article 50 extension was unlawfully obtained so that agreement to extend Article 50 beyond the 29th of march was null and void in domestic and international law.

The upshot would be, if this is true, that the UK left the EU on WTO terms – that is a no deal Brexit – on the 29th of March this year!

This would, as I understand it, become effective immediately Boris signed the relevant document and it was received by the court.

Now, I assume that there will be an instant court case launched by someone like Gina Miller to try and prove that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully himself by pulling the government defence to this case, but I doubt it would get very far.

Let's hope this is correct, as it would destroy any moves by Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, Ian Blackford or even Speaker Bercow, to try and stop Brexit – as it would already have happened.


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