Could it be that Remainers are suffering from some sort of Brexit Anxiety Disorder or BAD for short?


Now there's a psychological malady for you. A condition based on Remainers feeling done down by all those leave voters.

And according to, getting angry is not working for Remainers, so it's time to see a shrink! So they put Remainers on the couch and said the results of Brexit Anxiety Disorder are not pretty.

"They are acting no differently to what psychologists would expect from those suffering from chronic anxiety caused by loss of control and insecurity, Dr. Philip Corr, professor of psychology and behavioural economics at the University of London, and Dr. Simon Stuart, a clinical psychologist, told POLITICO."

And the article goes on to say that:

"According to Corr and Stuart, this emotional response is “standard psychological stuff.” To find solace and some level of security amid the disorder, Remainers are following a well-trodden path to polarized group think, dismissing their social “inferiors” who voted for Brexit as stupid, racist and easily misled."

And the more that Remainers talk and rage about it, the more they will wind themselves up.

Maybe they just need to calm down and relax a bit more.

Anyway, next time you see a wound up Remainer, please be pleasant and polite, and just ask if they're feeling a bit BAD today?

As Nigel Farage found out, being a Brexiteer is risky enough on terra firma, but up there in the sky it's much more dangerous.

First we had Nigel Farage crashing to earth and getting injured when the 'plane he was in nose-dived into the ground while towing an election banner on the day of the 2010 general election.

Now we have former Brexit minister Steve Baker being forced to resort to his reserve parachute when the main 'chute failed during a skydive in Portugal.

"Pleased my reserve parachute… worked as advertised after a main malfunction last week," he said on Instagram. "Emergency landing on nearby golf course perfect, next to clubhouse. Wished you were there etc."

To all Brexiteers, stay safe – keep your feet planted firmly on the ground!

Now, according to that arch-Remainer, Lord Adonis, the Labour Party would be finished if it went into a snap general election backing Brexit.

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he.

But he is basing it on a new poll that suggests that Labour's support relies heavily on voters who favour Remain.

The YouGov poll of 4,900 people conducted for the anti-Brexit group 'Best for Britain' and 'Hope Not Hate', said that The Tories would be ahead of Labour by four points if Labour backed Remaining in the EU, but if Labour backed Brexit then the Tories would have a huge nine point lead over Labour.

Also, the poll indicates that a Brexit backing Labour Party would lose votes to the Lib Dems to the extent of ten points.

"If Labour becomes an accomplice to Brexit, it is finished." Said Lord Adonis.

The trouble is that there are many working class Leave voters that may well jump ship if the party takes Remain as its new policy. And there are also the Labour Brexiteer MPs to consider, but you have wonder if they will find themselves de-selected by the time of any election – even a snap one.

Finally, what of the party leader himself? Jeremy Corbyn does seem to have been very quiet on Brexit these days.

But it seems that the Labour Party needs his name at the helm, even if he does favour the leave argument – but I wonder how long that will last.

But funnily, both the Tory and Labour Party leaders actually look quite secure in their jobs at present. Not because of what they are or are not doing or supporting, but because a leadership election in either camp would probably be disastrous for their respective parties right now.

The leader of Best for Britain, Eloise Todd, said:

"’s time for the opposition to give people what they want: a clear choice on Brexit between leaving and staying and reforming the EU, not a fudged deal that works for Westminster elites and no one else."

Now, I'll agree with her that the Chequers deal is a fudge. But I cannot agree that 'staying and reforming the EU' is an option. It is not.

Apart from the referendum result itself, the UK cannot reform the EU! And no-one has ever shown me how the UK can reform the EU.

The opposite is true. The EU has been reforming the UK into a region of the EU since we joined it.

David cameron travelled the capitals of the EU in the run-up to the Referendum trying to get reforms agreed and achieved diddly-squat! So any talk of 'reforming the EU' is total hogwash.

All we can look forward to in the European Union is less say within the EU, less control over our own destiny and ever more rules to live by. I say NO!

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