Theresa May By DFID (CC-BY-2.0)

Theresa May By DFID (CC-BY-2.0)

The failure by the Prime Minister on delivering Brexit has left her so toxic that her own party supporters will not mention her name on doorsteps as the local elections loom.


It seems that Tory Party activists are wary of mentioning their leader's name on the doorstep in case their local election efforts are tarnished with the ongoing Brexit Betrayal.

And the Express reports Jan French, chairman of the Conservative Association in a Cambridgeshire constituency as saying:

“I don’t talk about her at all.

“As far as we are concerned these are local elections and they are nothing to do with national politics.

“We are having a bit of a tough time on the doorsteps and we want to be talking about local things we can do and achieve.”

So, exactly how do you disconnect the lack of central government funding and the squeeze on local services?

Now, as I said in a video yesterday, the two main parties are going to have the devil's own job to sort out a Brexit stance that they can present to the people in the upcoming EU elections.

And it seems that some Labour MPs have deep seated reservations about holding a second EU referendum, which they say would be divisive but not decisive.

But the Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is already under heavy pressure from some of his MPs to declare that a second referendum is now full party policy. But there are other Labour MPs who are telling him in a letter not to scupper a possible Brexit deal with the Tories by opting for that second referendum.

In the letter they say:

"Insistence on inserting a second referendum into the process would almost certainly cause the talks to collapse. We must not allow what some colleagues see as their ideal outcome (ie, a second referendum) to block the emergence of a pragmatic, sensible, bridge-building Brexit deal that a clear majority of Labour MPs would support."

And it goes on to say that the Tories would never support a second referendum, so inserting a Labour red line of a second referendum would just ensure that the talks failed and that they need to be seen by the public to be negotiating in good faith.

So the opposition leader now has up to 40 of his own MPs who are strongly against a second referendum and up to 80 who are strongly backing one.

But he can't jump both ways and he probably can't jump into bed with the Tories to back their deal unless it is changed fundamentally to include a customs union and a much closer relationship with the EU.

And the Tories do not look like breaching those red lines of theirs any time soon.

To be honest I'm not sure there is any overlap whatsoever in this Tory / Labour Venn Diagram.

Now, that arch Brexiteer Tory MP John Redwood has been busy!

Firstly, he's sent a letter to his party colleague, the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC, asking the good lawyer to confirm several of the nasty little anti-UK points included within the Withdrawal Agreement treaty document.

In his letter, to which I've left a link in the descriptions box below, he lists several articles within the Withdrawal Agreement together with the nasty little surprises that emanate from each one of them – well worth a read.

And it will be interesting to see the reply from the Attorney General, if he ever does so.

John Redwood has also stated the obvious in his blog, by saying that the Labour and Conservative parties should avoid the EU elections.

And he goes on to point out that pro-Brexit parties are polling at 34% of the vote and anti-Brexit parties are on 29%.

Redwood also says that the two main parties garnered 82.4% of the vote in the 2017 snap General Election, but the latest poll shows they have lost 55% of that support.

And he writes:

"It is difficult to see how a Euro election could be other than a verdict on how and when to get out of the EU. The indecision by Conservatives and Labour over this very issue has led to their collapse in the polls, as many voters have come to doubt their stated intention at the last election to get us out in good time."

One of the points I'm not sure I agree with him on though, is when he says that the UK could leave the EU on the 22nd of May without a deal and no EU elections.

And on this he writes:

"My advice to the government remains the same. Announce you are cancelling the Euro elections and leave without signing the Withdrawal Agreement. We can leave on 22 May under the extension agreement."

Now, the Article 50 extension decision by the EU actually says that, if no deal is reached and we do not hold EU elections in the UK on the 23rd to the 26th of May 2019, then the extension should cease a few days later on the 31st May 2019.

And I will point out that the wording of the decision uses the word 'should' cease on the 31st May 2019. It does not say 'must' or 'will', it uses the word 'should'. I'll just leave that question mark hanging there for you.

So, my reading is, if we leave with that abominable Withdrawal Agreement we could get stitched up on the first of any month after the whole thing was ratified up to the First of November, or we leave with no deal or no elections on the first of June.

And on the matter of stopping the EU elections, as I've said before I'm not sure that would be possible, given the number of MPs and Lords in Westminster who are extremely keen for them to take place – because it is, of course, the surest way to keep us the UK firmly inside the EU.

And finally, the Metro reports that the Prime Minister has now joined the 'Yellow Vests'.

She donned the safety apparel to act as a marshal for the Maidenhead Easter 10k run, where she directed runners to keep them on the proper course.

You have to wonder how many of the athletes ended up lost, don't you. Especially if she was using the same technique she uses in politics of pointing in more than one direction at every opportunity.

Good job she wasn't directing traffic, wasn't it? We could have been looking at major carnage.

Anyway – What do you think? Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.


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