Now there's a new meaning for the three letter abbreviation normally associated with our EU loving national broadcaster, the BBC – Boris Bashes Chequers!


In a piece in the Mail on Sunday, the former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson basically takes a sledgehammer to Theresa May's Chequers based Brexit deal.

But he's not the only one, the press has been full of reports that is also summed up by the BBC three letter abbreviation, and that is Brussels Bashes Chequers.

Now, before I go on, I will remind everyone that this coming week is a special week. It is Battle of Britain week. And the Royal Air Force is 100 years old this year.

And some will be holding Battle of Britain parades today, and some will be holding them next Sunday. I have just returned from attending my local parade this afternoon.

This event remembers the bravery and sacrifice of the mostly young pilots who took to the sky suspended in wood, wire and fabric to defend our nation against a foreign power intent on our conquest. They knew the risks and they knew the horrors, but still they went.

So it was heartwarming to hear that one of those heroes, one of the Few, the now 99 year old World War two ace Archie McInnes who lost an arm when he was shot down in Africa in 1941, was taking to the skies again in a two seater Spitfire.

We owe those people so much.

And it was timely that a private letter to Lord Beaverbrook from the mastermind behind the Battle of Britain victory, Sir Hugh Dowding, has surfaced where he said:

"What a terrible menace this European Common Market is! All the unemployables of Europe will invade us and succeed where Hitler failed."

The letter went to auction and auctioneer Richard Davey said:

"Dowding was certainly totally opposed to the concept of Britain joining the 'terrible menace' of the European Common Market, but his suggestion that 'all the unemployables' of Europe might be viewed today as rather 'un-PC'."

Now, not to give the anti-Brexit crowd and anti-free speech so called-anti-fascist Social Justice Warriors any ideas, but there is a statue of Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding outside St Clements Danes church on the Strand in London. So we might see some tiresome calls for its removal soon, for words uttered many decades ago.

I say to them – Bog Off!

Anyway, back to Boris Bashes Chequers.

His colleagues are lining up to condemn him because he told the truth. He didn't sugar coat the situation nor did he couch it in PC speak.

Under the Chequers proposals:

"It is a humiliation." He said. "We look like a seven-stone weakling being comically bent out of shape by a 500 lb gorilla." And:

"We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail. We have wrapped a suicide vest around the British constitution – and handed the detonator to Michel Barnier."

Then after bemoaning the way that we have managed to let ourselves get stitched up during these misnamed 'negotiations', he ends by saying:

"In a weird semi-masochistic way we have created the means by which the EU can bully us. We have conspired in this threat to the Union. We have put our own heads deliberately on the block.

"It is time to scrap the backstop, fix the borders for frictionless trade, and get back to the open and dynamic approach outlined in Theresa May’s original Lancaster House speech – with a big Canada-style free trade deal.

"Otherwise, we should tell our friends they won’t get a penny."

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid who campaigned for Remain, said that Boris should think carefully about his language but Sir Alan Duncan, who campaigned for Remain and was until July in the Foreign Office with Johnson, Tweeted:

"For Boris to say that the PM’s view is like that of a suicide bomber is too much. This marks one of the most disgusting moments in modern British politics. I’m sorry, but this is the political end of Boris Johnson. If it isn’t now, I will make sure it is later."

With the hashtag – neverfittogovern.

And another Tory MP, Alastair Burt, who campaigned for Remain Tweeted:

"I’m stunned at the nature of this attack. There is no justification for such an outrageous, inappropriate and hurtful analogy. If we don’t stop this extraordinary use of language over Brexit, our country might never heal. Again, I say, enough."

But pro-Brexit fellow Tory MP, Nadine Dorries said:

"Don’t underestimate the vitriol that’ll be directed towards Boris today. He delivered the leave vote, remainers and wannabe future PMs hate him."

And as tales of the reasons for his divorce get aired, there is talk of a 4,000 word anti-Boris 'war-book' going around Westminster together with rumours of 'black-ops' to be conducted against him.

All this makes Boris look energetic and dangerous and there's an old RAF saying along the lines of: "If you're taking flak, you're over the target".

What his detractors should be doing is sighing, then saying dismissively 'typical Boris, but don't you think he's looking tired these days?'

Now let's talk about that other Tory Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg. He has officially joined the StandUp4Brexit campaign that aims to chuck Chequers and go for the Lancaster House version of Brexit first put forward by Theresa May.

In a video, Rees-Mogg said:

Chequers is not Brexit, it means remaining under the common rulebook, and subject de facto to the European Court of Justice.

“Theresa May rightly said that Brexit would mean Brexit, and in her Lancaster House speech said that she didn’t want a solution that was half in and half out.

“I’m backing the Lancaster House vision of Brexit, not Chequers.

How much wider can this chasm in the Tory party get?

Finally, a lot has been said about the Tommy Robinson, UKIP membership question. The UKIP Leader Gerard batten has responded by saying:

"To be absolutely clear about this: all that will be decided today is whether a motion to Conference be allowed that would request the NEC to consider giving Tommy Robinson membership. If it goes forward that will be debated on 22nd Sept."

So let's wait and see what happens.

And the latest is that the former deputy leader of Anne Marie-Waters' For Britain party, Jeff Wyatt, has rejoined UKIP.

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