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The Canadian prime minister said he is willing to start formal trade talks with the UK the day after Brexit.

Before I start I want to point out that video was made before any decision was made on the situation in Syria.

Now in news that gives a boost to Brexit Britain, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said that not only would trade between the UK and Canada continue seamlessly, but also that negotiations towards a trade deal that could be 'more impactful' than the current EU deal could start the day after Brexit Day next year.

Canada plans to use the current EU agreement, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) as the starting point, and Mr Trudeau said that a UK/Canada deal could go further than that and be:

"….an even better or larger or more impactful deal.

"There will be things in CETA that are no longer as necessary between Canada and the U.K. and there’d be other areas where we would be interested in going further.

"Trade deals are always challenging but it should be fairly easy for all of us to get to an improved approach on trade between Canada and the U.K."

Now, this will get right up the Eurocrat hooter, if they think we'll be getting a better deal than they did.

The boss of Germany's national bank, Andreas Dombret, has admitted that the City of London will remain as Europe's financial centre after Brexit, despite all the attempts of EU firms and cities to lure bankers away from London.

Speaking to the Radio 4 Today Programme he said that the people who worked in London were reluctant to move and that:

"I believe London will continue to stay an eminent financial centre of this region."

And he added.

"There is a big willingness to stay in London and some of those who have been asked to go would rather take a cheque and stay than move."

Now, despite all the good Brexit news, the Remainers are still at it.

The Telegraph has revealed that pro-Remain groups are launching a £1 million anti-Brexit campaign this weekend, with the aim of trying to get a referendum on the final deal that will offer the UK public the option of staying in the EU.

"MPs from all three major political parties, – says the Telegraph – including Anna Soubry, a Tory, and Chuka Umunna, from Labour, will join forces with anti-brexit campaigners to demand the chance to remain – branded The People's Vote."

This campaign is being headed by Open Britain, which is backed by one Peter Mandelson.

The truth now though, is that they are not wanting the UK to Remain in the EU, in reality they want the UK to join the new EU – the EU that now at last talks openly about taking more power away from its member states, the EU that wants its own foreign policy to control member states' foreign policies, the EU that wants its own Navy, Army and Air Force, the EU that has its own military satellite system, the EU that wants to control member states' finances, the EU that wants to extend Schengen open borders to all members states, the EU that wants all members states in the Eurozone, the list goes on.

This bunch of Remainer EUmania sufferers will though lie, lie and lie again and try to put across a false message that we can somehow go back in time and slot back in with no change – well that time has passed. In fact it was never really there. The EU wants to be a superstate, that has always been the aim with the members states merely becoming subordinate regions and that is something the people of the UK will never accept as they have more pride in their country than the UK-hating Remoaners do!

And the EU is very keen to keep the door open to the UK as well it seems. This probably comes after Eurostat recently started to publish EU27 post-Brexit statistics that show what a big hole the UK will leave when it takes its money away.

So Michel Barnier, the EU chief Brexit negotiator, told our PM that Brussels would consider allowing the UK to stay in the single market, if she changed her mind any time up until the end of the transition phase at the start of 2021, says Sky News.

"If Britain decides to change its red lines, we too will change our positions, we remain open, there are no dogmas." He said.

And it didn't take long for Tory MP and Brexiteer Iain Duncan-Smith to fire back, said the sun:

"Whatever he thinks is irrelevant," said Iain Duncan Smith "we’re leaving on March 29th next year. The UK has chosen quite categorically to leave the single market and the customs union. It would do Barnier and the rest of the Commission a lot of good to stop trying to interfere in UK democratic processes. Instead they should get on and do their damn job and do what he’s supposed to do, which is to make a good arrangement for both the UK and the EU."

One last snippet, the BBC is reporting that car makers fear that rising trade barriers after Brexit will cause them a problem. But in the same article they claim that Brexit uncertainty is causing people not to buy cars right now, saying that the number of cars sold in the UK fell by 5.7% in 2017 with the ratings agency Moody's predicting another 5.5% fall this year.

Surely, if you were 'uncertain' and looking to replace your car you'd do it now while you certainly know you can get one? Also, where are the marketeers pushing a 'buy while you can' message – they normally shamelessly push any message to shift cars for a profit.

Then there's the fact quoted by the BBC that we import 2.3 million vehicles a year from the EU and export only 800,000 to them. Now I know they'll probably be of different types, but is shifting all that tonnage of metal about the EU really that efficient?

And the BBC also points out that:

"Despite the uncertainty about a future trade deal, a number of big carmakers have committed to building more cars in the UK since the Brexit vote, including Nissan, BMW, Toyota, and last week Vauxhall, which is owned by French group PSA."

So, EU based companies will be as keen as anyone to keep trade moving, won't they?

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