The Brexit date of 11pm on 29th March 2019 is now under the threat of delay as the Brexit Committee warns there is not enough time to complete the necessary preparations.

In a move that will send Brexiteers blood pressure through the roof, the MPs on the Brexit committee have said in a report that not only should the Brexit date be delayed, but also that they do not accept that the UK would leave the EU without a deal if the House of Commons rejected the deal the government agreed with the EU.

Basically, the Remain dominated Committee led by the anti-Brexit Labour MP Hillary Benn, is saying two things.

First, they're saying that if no deal is reached or if parliament rejects the deal then parliament should be able to express its view clearly and advise the government on how to proceed, which would need a second parliamentary vote to approve the withdrawal agreement and political declaration.

This is, as far as I can see, a return of the 'meaningful vote' that caused so much recent ping-pong between the Commons and Lords. This would tie the government's hands in negotiations and allow the EU to reject everything and for the Remain led parliament to vote everything down and kill Brexit off.

The second they're saying is that the UK should be ready to ask for an extension of the Article 50 period "if substantive aspects of the future relationship remain to be agreed", which could lead to the UK getting involved in another round of MEP elections.

All of this of course gives the European Union negotiators every incentive to delay and refuse all proposals in the full knowledge that our own parliament will force the government to go cap-in-hand to the EU for an extension and make all sorts of expensive concessions in the process.

As Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader told Sky, an extension to Article 50 would be a betrayal of the people of the UK.

As the report was passed by 12 votes to three it carries less weight than a unanimous select committee report.

So, while our PM is in Brussels and saying she wants to work with the EU at a faster pace than we have until now, our politicians at home are busily loading the dice in favour of the other side.

And while on a visit to the Irish border town of Blacklion, the head of the Tory MP European Research Group, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said that cabinet Remainers were behind recent business attacks on Brexit.

"I think there is cooperation between the Remainers in the cabinet and some businesses, some of the more politicised businesses." He told Sky News and when asked who, he said "Oh, the chancellor. Boris Johnson was quite right when he said the Treasury is the beating heart of remain, that's obvious."

It's no wonder there are problems negotiating with the EU, we've got the vast majority of our own establishment from politicians to civil servants to the media all rooting for and worse actively helping the opposition.

It would be just like an England v Belgium match, where the English management team have passed over all tactical plays to the other side, nobbled their own players, failed to pack their kit and sent them to the wrong stadium. And then give the players a hard time for losing.

Now, although not directly Brexit related this next one does touch on a peeve that some people like me have.

While we hear stories of rising violent crime with more and more police assets being poured into finding and punishing rude people on the internet, there is one force that has kept bobbies on the beat and kept crime down.

And that is Durham, where the Chief Constable sends birthday cards to criminals that operate in his area, just to let them know he's watching them.

The Durham force under Mike Barton has been rated outstanding for the third straight year and its case resolving rate of 18% is three times higher than the average.

And he's done it he says by recognising the importance of bobbies boots on the ground where officers know their neighbourhoods inside out. Nice to see some common sense isn't it?

Now, how many times have Remainers said that they are the tolerant ones, while Leavers are bigots etc.

If only I'd got a quid for every time I've heard that one, I hear you say.

Well Lucy Harris writing in the Spectator has a different perspective on this.

She was on her usual commute to work minding her own business when another commuter said they did not like her bag.

Now Lucy was carrying what she describes as a vivid magenta bag with the words 'THE EU IS NOT MY BAG' in big white letters on it.

So she told the commuter that he didn't have to like her bag.

And this led to the comment from him that he didn't know whether she was racist or stupid or both.

For the next few stops this individual subjected the lady to what looks like a constant stream of personal criticism, which could easily be construed as verbal abuse.

She also recounts stories of teachers subjected to professional abuse and musicians having work withdrawn over the Brexit issue.

But this just shows how petty some of these Remainers are and that at the end of the day the only argument they have is verbal violence.

But they lost.

So, the next time a Remainer is abusive to you, remember it is their problem, not yours.

Finally, the latest population data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the population of the UK increased by 392,000 to a tad over 66 million in the year to the 30th June 2017.

UK Pop 1992 to 2017

This is like adding a whole new Stoke-on-Trent, in a year, into the country and I would hazard a guess that we haven't put in place all the essential infrastructure to support them.

59% of this population growth was down to inward net migration and 41% due to more births than deaths.

This increase is the lowest we've seen since mid 2004, says the ONS, but before that it was historically much lower decade on decade. As you can see from the graph.

And you have to ask yourself how much larger has the population grown in the intervening year to June 2018.

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