Daily Brexit Update: Monday 23rd July 2018

The new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, has stated that a Brexit deal with the EU can be achieved by October.

Talking on the BBC Marr Show, he said that "…..he would return to Brussels for talks on Thursday and strain 'every sinew' to get 'the best deal'." Reports the BBC adding "….if the 'energy, ambition and pragmatism' the UK brought to negotiations was reciprocated, a deal would be done in October."

Now we have another ministerial away-day trip. This time it's to Gateshead, not Chequers. All in the hope of mantaining cabinet discipline, selling the Chequers proposals to the North of the country and preparing to peddle her White Paper deal to the individual member states of the EU. Anyone remember Cameron trying to sell a deal in Europe in that same sort of way?

But the pressure is growing on the PM to forge a 'World Trade Deal' with no £39 billion divorce bill to pay and no EU control or ECJ say.

Especially as the Eurocrats have said that extending Article 50 would be pointless, unless there was a substantial shift in the tectonic plates of UK politics.

The use of £9.3 million to put a leaflet through every UK door has come up for official criticism from the Independent Commission on Referendums, and the UKIP leader has hi say on the subject:

Project fear 2.0 takes off on full power and with afterburners set to 100% (video)!

With Jeremy Corbyn joining the fray against a no deal Brexit (video):

And former Labour MP for Great Grimsby, Austin Mitchell, points out how odd it is that those who refuse to accept the 2016 referendum result now want another one. A very good point indeed!

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