Let that be a lesson to politicians – Theresa May tried for 'Everything to Everybody', which inevitable resulted in 'Nothing to Anybody'.

Before I start, just an update on the extremely risky Thailand cave rescue. The latest I have is that eight boys have now been rescued, which leaves four boys and one trainer left inside. Keep those positive thoughts, prayers and wishes coming!

Back to Brexit – as the Housing Minister, Dominic Raab, moves across to take over from David Davis as Brexit minister, you have to wonder how much longer Theresa may can hang on in Number Ten.

Especially with the breaking news that Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary!

The resignation of David Davis alone must have come as a severe blow to the PM, having thought she'd managed to tie off the whole Brexit package last Friday. The last thing she needed was a top player jumping ship saying that her proposals make the UK bargaining position very weak. And she needed Boris waddling off as well like the proverbial hole in the head!

Some commentators believe that the PM will be able to come through this predicament as it's just delayed decision making. Holly Ellyat in CNBC writes:

"Analysts are seeing the latest move as a “crunch point” for May, but that the vagaries of British politics and need for leadership just nine months before the official Brexit date could mean that she can soldier on."

But that analysis takes no account of the Tory back benchers who, as I speak, may now be typing their letters of no confidence in the PM to give to the 1922 committee chairman. And 48 of those letters (that's 15% of Tory MPs) would spark a Tory leadership contest.

And commenting on the ongoing Tory party member meltdown, Quentin Letts Tweeted:

"Anyone wanting to gauge mood of Tory core vote re: Mrs May should look at today's Telegraph letters column."

And now more pressure will be placed on the hapless May after another minister from the Department for Exiting the EU, Steve Baker, has also resigned from government telling the BBC that he was furious with the childish nonsense emanating from Number Ten.

What we are really seeing is the results of a political establishment doing all it can to get round or ignore the monolithic elephant in the room – the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union. They could not get round it, could not go over it or get under it. It is just too big. And would you really be able to ignore an elephant in your room? Theresa may could just be finding out that she can't.

And any plans the Labour Party has of somehow getting round or ignoring that same elephant by staying in the single market and customs union, would also ultimately come up against that same immovable object.

And to those that think Dominic Raab will bring something new to the table, I say that all he will end up being, is the gopher between Theresa May's Europe adviser, Olly Robbins and the EU negotiator Michel Barnier. So he will be effectively running between the two while clasping the poisoned chalice of the Chequers deal tightly in his hands.

What he's done, is nailed his colours firmly to the Theresa May mast. With no way back.

And I have to say I agree with Labour's Keir Starmer on this when he said that:

"The appointment of Dominic Raab changes nothing. The divisions at the heart of government over Brexit remain as deep as ever."

And those current ministers that make any further delays in coming out against this obvious sell-out will find their political credibility flowing inexorable down the drain.

And you know things are getting tight when the overly polite Jacob Rees-Mogg just about accuses the prime minister of lying when he gave an interview to Adam Boulton of Sky News.

Calling the Chequers agreement a handbrake turn and saying that Number Ten has lost its backbone he also said:

"Do you remember during the election campaign after the social care policy was dropped the Prime Minister said nothing has changed?

"Sometimes people say things that do not match up with the text that you have in front of you and I think this is one of those occasions."

And when Adam Boulton said that the PM had advanced Brexit as was her right, Rees-Mogg replied saying that she had advanced backwards, she's advanced not to have Brexit. That's what this document is saying. He said and went on:

The Prime Minister is inconsistent with her promises and that is a very bad position for a political party to be in. I believe we should do what we promised to do.

All I can say is, if you haven't lodged your letter with the chairman of the 1922 committee yet Jacob – get on with it!

And of course Jeremy Corbyn is lapping this up Tweeting:

"David Davis resigning at such a crucial time shows @Theresa_May has no authority left and is incapable of delivering Brexit. With her Government in chaos, if she clings on, it's clear she's more interested in hanging on for her own sake than serving the people of our country."

The UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, will be delivering an open letter to the Prime Minister shortly basically saying that she is a solid Remainer who has managed to get into Number Ten and then failed to deliver a proper exit from the European Union.

"Your 'Chequers agreement' sadly proves that you have no intention of delivering a genuine exit from the European Union." He writes and ends with:

"Therefore I call on you to resign as Prime Minister without further delay and allow a genuine Leaver to take control of the process. Your leadership is a shambles, and worse a disaster for the country and its future.

"Please do the only decent and honourable thing and resign"

As I said at the start, all brought about by trying to be all things to all-comers never works. There is no such thing as a Brexit deal that will please everyone in exactly the same way that there never was nor is there ever going to be a Remain deal that will please all. You have to go with the majority of voters and that is what the PM failed to do at Chequers.

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