A former head of MI6 and an ex Chief of defence Staff have warned that the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration put forward by Theresa May threatens national security.


Before I get into the defence side of things, just a quick update on the Withdrawal Agreement itself.

As yet I've seen nothing of the promised government motion, but by the time you see this video it may well have been published.

But in the meantime, MPs are due to vote at about 5pm today on whether or not they want the house to sit as a body tomorrow the 29th March.

There is no debate on that issue, as I understand it, it's just a straightforward vote.

Now, if you are an MP who is against that Withdrawal Agreement, then why not vote to take the day off, because if the house doesn't sit, then MPs can't vote on that deal.

Could kill the wretched thing stone dead this afternoon!

Ah well, we can but hope.

Now, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove and the former Chief of Defence Staff, Lord Guthrie, wrote a letter earlier in the year to the chairs of the Conservative Party Constituency Associations, saying that the PM's withdrawal proposals are a threat to national security.

And in it they write: "Please ensure that your MP does not vote for this bad agreement."

With the reasons being that it surrenders our forces and intelligence services to EU control and would damage our relationship with NATO and the other nations of the Five Eyes network, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

And as the UK Defence Journal puts it, Five Eyes is the world's most complete and comprehensive intelligence alliance and is also widely regarded as the world’s most significant intelligence alliance.

That is not something that we should be putting at risk for the likes of Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt.

And now the campaign group Veterans for Britain, that boasts a wealth of military and intelligence expertise, has issued a briefing paper backing this up called "The Exit Deal: Defence Risks and Booby Traps".

This briefing document clearly outlines why the Withdrawal Agreement is so bad for UK defence.

The main point being that it would damage the UK's ability to use its own forces autonomously.

As we would be trapped within EU structures that decide on what we buy, where we buy it, how our defence funds are allocated etc.

We would also be tied into the EU operational network, which would mean permanent integration of defence capabilities and control.

And we will be further sucked in because our ministers have already, says Veterans for Britain, "created future UK participation arrangements for all these structures and have even entered trials for most of the new ones".

It also does not take more than a second's thought to realise that whoever has control of our armed forces has control of our foreign policy. And then, by connection, control over our international trade policy.

I've left a link to the document in the descriptions box below. Please do read it!

So while our press and politicians have been harping on about the Irish border backstop and the rest of it, our government under Theresa May has been giving our armed forces away.

And why is there no real outcry in parliament – because the vast majority of them are Remainers and they want our armed forces controlled from Brussels, that's why!

And many of them are actively hurrying it along right this minute.

And ardent Remainers in the country at large are extremely comfortable with this, in fact most of them would prefer we had virtually no defence forces anyway, as it would give them more money to give away.

So it seems then, that many of our elected representatives are not keen to have control of the nation's defence and security forces. In fact many of them don't seem to want any real responsibility at all, they'd rather have it all run from Brussels.

As one wit put it last year:

"I voted to Leave the European Union so that our Members of Parliament could once again run the country. But to my surprise, despite standing for election and taking the ministerial cars and pay, I find most of them do not really want the job of actually running the country".



The Five Eyes – The Intelligence Alliance of the Anglosphere


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