We could well see some Tory MPs resign from their government positions on the day of the 'meaningful vote' next Tuesday.


The Prime Minister's backstop based Brexit plan has made some Tory ministers so uncomfortable that, according to reports, they will resign unless their concerns are addressed.

Brexit Government Resignations Ahead!

The Guardian reports the MP for Dudley South, Mike Wood, as saying:

What I have indicated to the prime minister is that while I support most of the deal, I have some big issues with the backstop. If some of those aren’t addressed then I don’t think I will be able to support it.

Clearly the ministerial code says that if I can’t support, I would have to resign. I am very much hoping that there are enough changes and reassurances by Tuesday for me to vote with the government.

And he is said to be just one of about a dozen.

This will put a significant hole in the dwindling support for her deal that Theresa May does not enjoy.

And the government response to this, is to hype up project fear to now unforgivable proportions by telling sick and vulnerable people that they will be at risk of no medicines, if we leave without a deal or more specifically don't grab May's deal.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has been out and about talking about flying in drugs and healthcare rationing – with the press eagerly egging it on, but not asking why we were told a few weeks ago that the ports are ready and further that they might see a boost in port activity in the North after Brexit.

One minute we're being told that no-deal planning is all in hand and the next this blatant fear-mongering.

And the reason is, that this is all part of Project Terrify to ensure the people are scared into either supporting May's Brexit In Name Only deal or the Establishment preference for a full reversal of the UK exit from the EU. Either of which leaves this country as UKINO – United Kingdom In Name Only – and totally subservient to the EU.

Out pro-EU establishment will allow nothing else, and the rumours of an upcoming last-minute referendum in March next year between the May deal and Remaining in the EU could be the last card they play in this drawn out game – but they'll have to quickly amend primary legislation to get there.

Now, isn't it funny how even today we're all still being told that people voted to Leave the EU in 2016, not because they wanted to leave the EU but because of a myriad of other reasons.

And all those reasons, we are told, are nothing to do with leaving the EU. No they say, it was all about sending the government of the day a message.

And they come out with a whole range of reasons – except the obvious one that people voted to leave the EU because they actually really wanted the UK to leave the EU.

No they tell us.

They all voted to leave because they hated the Tories, that's all.

Or they felt left behind so voted to leave the EU.

Politicians wouldn't listen to them, so they thought they'd get their attention by voting to Leave.

They voted to leave to send a message about austerity.

They were worried about the NHS, so they voted to leave the EU.

They were worried about school places, so they voted to leave the EU.

They were worried about falling police officer numbers so they voted to leave the EU.

I dunno, they want more chips, so they voted to leave the EU.

Actually, the Remainers tell us, all those people loved the EU and did not really want to leave it at all, but it was the only way they could complain about the government. So they voted to leave something that they did not want to leave, goes the stupid mantra.

Or they say it was because the leave voters were thick and uneducated and unable to understand and just dragged their knuckles in following Boris Johnson into the polling booths to put a cross in the Leave box.

Or worse – that Leave voters are all xenophobic and bigoted.

But at the end of the day they keep arguing, it wasn't about the EU – it had nothing to do with the marvellous EU.

However, I'd just like to point out that people are generally savvy enough to understand that if you shovel billions of pounds of money abroad every year while importing cheap labour, there is going to be a detrimental effect on wages and the nation's infrastructure like roads and the NHS.

People are also generally savvy enough to also understand that if we have a basically undemocratic system making our laws in Brussels, which our Westminster politicians then have to rubber stamp into law, whatever other promises they make on the doorstep. Then there is already a disconnect built in between the people and their politicians.

People are also generally savvy enough to understand the concepts of supply and demand in housing and that if you have an open door policy, which is taken advantage of then accommodation prices will rocket whether you rent or buy, whatever rules or regulations government tries to put in place to address it. People see it up close and personal when they and their children can no longer afford a nice comfortable place to live in, at a reasonable price.

And then pro-EU politicians complete the disconnect by telling the people of the UK that we need ever more increasing numbers of people to build the houses that never get built. They say we need more people for the doctors and nurses while waiting lists go up however much money is supposedly pumped into the service.

We must have more people to work to pay more tax, they claim, as police numbers go down and armed forces personnel numbers reduce due to lack of funds – but the national debt spirals ever upwards.

People are generally savvy enough to see through this lie of "EU funding' that is trotted out at every opportunity – even by some sorry MPs in this sorry current debate in the last few days. The people can see, that it is their own money halved and given back to them with an EU stamp on it together with instructions on where they are allowed to spend it.

The voters do not need to be rocket scientists to see the obvious. But it takes politicians who think they are clever to try and spin otherwise and in doing so really prove they are not listening, while taking their instructions from Brussels.

No, when the people voted to leave the EU in 2016, they knew exactly what they were voting for- to Leave the European Union. That's what it said on the ballot paper.

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