Daily Brexit Update: Tuesday 17th July 2018

Things are getting very interesting in Westminster as the high stakes high speed game of Brexit chess continues.

In fact it's got so heated that the government is attempting to cool things down by shutting down parliament five days earlier than planned. Or is this just a way to slow down any challenge to her leadership?

The PM did manage to get the customs bill through the third reading but it now includes some Brexiteer amendments that will make her negotiations with Brussels much harder.

In fact the Brexiteers reckon this will have killed off her Chequers based Brexit proposals as Brussels is highly unlikely to agree to any of these changes.

But some are not convinced by any of this and are asking why was this so easy?

And now it's the Remainers who are plotting to put their spanner in the works by inserting an amendment into the Trade bill that would force the UK into a customs union if we don't get Theresa May's free trade area. This will give the EU every incentive to just keep saying no of course.

And without directly demanding the PM resign, David Davis has laid into the Chequers White Paper saying that it is a result of over-magnifying the risks and hugely under-estimating the benefits of Brexit.

And while the MPs bicker, the PM's Europe adviser, Olly Robbins as asset stripped the Brexit ministry and taken its best fifty negotiators! Poor old Dominic Raab won't have a department to run soon! He's already just be an overpaid errand boy running between Robbins and Barnier, this will take his bicycle away!

Tory party members are not happy, with Westmonster reporting that one Conservative Party Association where 73% of members are against her Chequers plan.

And now a Daily Mirror poll gives us the 'shocking' news that most people want to leave the EU without a deal!

And Jacob Rees-Mogg puts out his latest podcast (YouTube video):

Finally, what does Liverpool think about Brexit and a second EU referendum (video):

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