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Daily Brexit Update: Wednesday 12th September 2018

Downing Street is readying itself to chuck Chequers of its own accord if EU leaders reject it, reports the Sun. "The Sun can reveal that work is underway to “pivot” away from the softer Brexit plan to allow the PM to escape a political disaster."

There is a key EU summit in Salzburg, Austria next Wednesday and, although not advertised as such, it could become the final stumbling block for Theresa May's premiership. Mainly because there is a Tory party conference only ten days later and she could be facing deafening calls for her to resign.

The Sun says she is investigating two avenues forward. "Under the first, Chequers will be parked until talks resume after Brexit day for a loosely-worded fudge on the future relationship instead.The second option is to abandon it altogether and return to a more basic Canada style free trade agreement – but only if the EU gives way on its Irish border hardline."

But she hasn't got much time, as ITV News says that members of the European Research Group (ERG), the Tory Party Eurosceptic bloc led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, are now openly discussing ways of getting rid of the Prime Minister. ITV reports such comments as: “We’ve just had an ERG mass meeting, 50 odd MPs present, where virtually the only topic of conversation for 40/50 mins was: ‘How best do we get rid of her? What’s the best way to use our letters?'” and “Everyone I know says she has to go” and “she’s a disaster” and “this can’t go on”.

After the launching of a report by Economists for Britain yesterday, the ERG intends to release its proposals to solve the Irish border question today, says Reuters.

For those who have forgotten, the EU Parliament recently put the EU copyright directive on the back-burner, but it is coming up for a vote today. This is the directive that contains the Clause 11 (paying to link to news sources) and clause 13 (all material uploaded to the web has to be checked for copyright infringements by servers prior to it being published).

UKIP held a conference in the EU parliament yesterday to highlight the problems with this directive that the party opposes:

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