John McDonnell by Sophie Brown (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

John McDonnell by Sophie Brown (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Well they're all getting desperate now, aren't they? The latest being the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, threatening to send Jeremy Corbyn to the palace to tell Her Majesty that the Labour Party was now in power.


So, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, thinks that he can bundle his pet poodle party leader into an Uber and send him scuttling to Buck House to demand he be given the keys to number Ten, if Boris Johnson follows the procedure in the Fixed Term Parliament Act and stays as PM for the two weeks required before he can force a general election.

That's so unconstitutional of McDonnell and so verging on a coup, that you would think McDonnell was some sort of Commie thug wouldn't you …… Ah!

Why not wait the two weeks? After all, a general election is what the Labour crowd keep saying they want – isn't it?

And funny old thing, if you take a look at the Fixed Term Parliament Act, there's absolutely no mention of making demands of the monarch in order to take power over the country.

But McDonnell knows the general election would would firstly shut down parliament so no Brexit deal can be agreed with the EU and secondly that as a result the vote itself would come straight after a forced no deal Brexit. A no deal Brexit forced by the Labour Party itself bringing the vote of no confidence in the first place.

Boris could say – 'look, I wanted a deal. But the Labour Lefty Loons forced both a general election on you and a no deal Brexit'.

Then he'd add for good measure, that this had yanked the rug out from under both The Brexit Party and Lib Dems Brexit reasons for existence, followed by the words – 'Vote Conservative'.

There's also the convention that the outgoing PM advises the Queen on who she should appoint as the new PM. Not someone demanding they just be appointed.

So I don't think Labour really wants a General Election, they just want the reins handed meekly over to them.

But that won't happen because MPs won't vote for confidence in Corbyn. No, MPs are looking for a suitable backbencher to sideline Corbyn and take the country back into the EU.

Labour under Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott won't win a vote of confidence in the House or a general election. So a coup is probably all that's left to them – so much for democracy.

Now John McDonnell was making these pronouncements at the Edinburgh Fringe, so I have to assume he'd just got caught up in the atmosphere. Otherwise he's demonstrated a dark side to his politics that we could well do without in the UK. However, if he maybe moved to Venezuela …. ?

And in the meantime, you can just imagine Jeremy Corbyn huffily demanding to be let into the Palace without an appointment and then, like any good leftie revolutionary, trying to climb the fence before being invited to the policeman's ball to do the new dance craze – the 'Tazer Jig'.


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