Even after a huge victory for The Brexit Party in the EU elections, Labour and Tory politicians still talk about second referendums and ditching the no-deal option for good.


You do have to wonder how thick the virtual walls are that protect the residents of the Westminster bubble, don't you.

As I said yesterday, The Brexit Party under Nigel Farage romped home to a record win in last Thursday's EU election with one single policy.

But instead of receiving the message loud and clear, many of our politicians are still trying to spin it as a Remain win and also that if they'd all clubbed together they'd have won more seats for the Remain side.

Well, they had that chance and it didn't happen.

The voters all knew what they were personally voting for and the result is the result.

With the main message being that the top priority for voters is a proper and complete Brexit above all else.

There is also one other big point to remember, something I omitted to mention yesterday.

And that is EU27 nationals vote in the EU elections, but they did not vote in the 2016 EU referendum because that was based on UK general election rules.

So, if you assume that the vast majority of those voted for parties other than UKIP or The Brexit Party, then that will have skewed any comparison with the 2016 referendum towards Remain.

According to the BBC, about 3.2 million EU27 nationals live in the UK. Some of course will be children, some won't vote, some may even back a Brexit Party and some will vote in their home country but not in the UK.

But the remaining number would surely still be significant enough to move the centre of gravity of the whole vote towards Remain.

That makes The Brexit Party win even more significant.

But even in the face of this one simple message from the EU election, our politicians are doing their level best to drag the narrative back towards second referendums and the like.

On the Tory side it looks like many of the leadership and therefore Number Ten hopefuls, are rejecting the no deal option, which of course means that the EU will only ever keep the untouched Withdrawal Agreement on the table as the clock winds down to the 31st of October, which in turn would then almost certainly force an Article 50 revocation because it would only take France for example, to reject an Article 50 extension to force the issue.

Tory MP and International Development Secretary, Rory Stewart, told BBC Newsnight that Nigel Farage was 'deeply wrong' and that a no deal Brexit would be both damaging and unnecessary.

And, according to the Guardian, Jeremy Hunt has called pursuing a no deal Brexit a 'political suicide' that would land Corbyn in Number ten as well as saying that we should continue to push Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty.

And he also ruled out Bringing The Brexit Party into Future UK/EU negotiations. Despite the offer from Nigel Farage to take some of the responsibility.

But Labour has gone further with Jeremy Corbyn saying that a WTO Brexit would be a disaster and the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, telling Radio 4 that her party will now back a second referendum on any deal that emerges – even one of their own.

As far as I'm concerned, putting aside the Robin Tilbrook Article 50 extension judicial review, now that we're locked in to the EU by treaty law until the 31st of October, anyone not actively backing a no deal exit on that date while working towards some sort of deal in the future, is an out and out Remainer.

Because anything other than backing a no deal exit at the end of this article 50 extension, will lead to more extensions and eventual revocation – and they all know it!

It's well past the time that they pinned back their ears, listened and obeyed!







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