While Theresa May glad hands the great and good around the capitals of the EU, the members of Her Majesty's parliament have been venting their collective spleen about her on the floor of the house.


While Theresa May completes her Christmas shopping around the capitals of the EU, well she can't be negotiating can she? As the EU has said the Withdrawal Agreement is sealed to changes, so what else can she be there for, delivering Christmas cards maybe?

Anyway, while she's over there achieving the square root of not a lot, the MPs have been busy lambasting her in the House of Commons during an emergency debate on her woeful decision to ditch her own vote on her own deal.

Her remaining handful of supporters put up a valiant effort to try and defend her actions, most of which revolved around them saying that the PM had done the right thing by listening to their concerns over the backstop and then scuttling away to do something about it.

And her 'doing something about it' means travelling the continent and talking to people who say the negotiations are over.

And the talk is now that she will come back to the House to face a vote on her deal before the 21st January, which is the deadline forcing the government to make a statement should no deal be agreed with the EU. Facing a vote of no confidence either from her party or the opposition is more likely.

All the opposition parties, bar Labour, are champing at the bit to bring forward a vote of no confidence in the government, but Jeremy Corbyn says the time is not yet right for that.

The SNP begs to differ and may just do their own thing overnight hoping to drag Labour onboard in the process.

And there are reports that over forty letters of no confidence in Theresa May have been submitted to the chairman of the Tory party 1922 committee – but we have heard that story quite a few times over the past few months.

But overall, I'm not sure how much longer Mrs May can hang on to the keys of Number Ten. The vultures are circling ever lower.

Now, John Major, remember him, has called on the UK to stop the clock on Brexit by revoking the Article 50 letter.

The clock must be stopped without delay … We need the most precious commodity of all: time.” he said to a European think tank in Dublin.

He means time to reverse Brexit, nothing else.

But Major's language is misleading. By revoking Article 50 we would not be stopping the clock. We would be fully resetting it and reversing Brexit – which is exactly what he wants. It would be as if we'd never submitted that letter in the first place. And to then complete our Exit process we would presumably have to send in another brand spanking new Article 50 letter and start from scratch, including with all that legislation that Parliament sweated over, that would have to be repealed to allow us to revoke Article 50 in the first place.

It would also require the UK to hold elections for the EU parliament in June next year!

But this would be worse than back to square one, as we have signed up to many far reaching agreements, such as over defence, with the EU on the basis that we will be leaving and we only signed up to these, so as not to hinder their political aspirations. But should we end up revoking Article 50, we will be bound by them and the public will not know what this means for them or the country – they have not been told what we have agreed for the EU27. Was any of this in either of the Tory or Labour manifestoes in 2017 for example?

So, with all this uncertainty swirling about, the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten has done the right thing and put the party on red alert to fight the 2019 European Union elections should either Article 50 be extended or if our establishment manages to get a government in place that will revoke Article 50 outright.

"The chances of the UK taking part in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections are rising sharply," said Batten, "and UKIP has to be ready for that possibility.

"Therefore I am placing the Party on a Red Alert. We should know by January or early February if the UK is taking part or not."

These are not the outcomes that the party wants, but UKIP has to be on the front foot and is already planning for an eventuality that appears to be increasing little by little by the day. So kudos to Gerard Batten for getting ready now, by fund raising and getting the ball rolling on selecting the 73 candidates required and not waiting to try and play catch up with events after the fact.

It is of paramount importance to have members of a party inside the EU parliament that will bring back the truth about what's going on inside the bloc and not just pro-EU Tories, Labourites and Lib Dems signing any old thing off. I have, therefore, already put my name forward as a potential candidate.

And I expect the usual silly comments of 'you shouldn't be standing for EU elections as you don't want to be in the EU'. Simple answer is you've got to put your politicians where the politics takes place – after all Labour and the Lib Dems don't want a House of Lords but they still keep stuffing the place with them. And then there's the SNP of course, who sends MPs to a parliament it wants no part of.

So UKIP will be ready to go once more into the breach.

Finally, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, grabbed the ceremonial mace off of its stand on the table in front of the Speaker yesterday and waved the symbol of the Queen's authority about, to cries of outrage from the Tory benches. He did give it back though, but got suspended for the day for his efforts.

The mace represents power, so no laws can be passed in the chamber without its presence and talking about it afterwards he said:

The symbolic gesture of lifting the mace and removing it is that the will of parliament to govern is no longer there has been removed. I felt parliament had effectively given up its sovereign right to govern properly."

So maybe he should have completed the manoeuvre by getting on a Eurostar train and depositing the Mace in the buildings of the EU Commission.

So, what do you think about all of this? Please let us all know by leaving a comment below and thank you for watching.



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