The difference between the dire future the Remain campaign unleashed on the UK public using 'Project fear' and what has actually happened is staggering – Remoaners have a lot to answer for!

Any Remoaners out there should now be hanging their heads in shame!

A major new report has put the final nail in the whole 'Project Fear' campaign that Remoaners are still using to this very day in one guise or another.

The upshot is that, according to George Osborne and his cronies, UK GDP would have dropped by 1.2 percent by mid 2018, says the report – leading to all those forecasts of Brexit calamity after Brexit calamity.

But, the report goes on, had there been no referendum, according to official figures UK GDP growth is forecast to have been 3.6 percent.

The actual out-turn was 3.4 percent.

That means the difference between Project Fear and reality was 4.6 per cent of GDP, equivalent to about £100 billion!

In his report economist Timothy Congdon says that Project Fear was a 'gross miscarriage of government', now there's an understatement!

And in an upcoming article for Standpoint magazine where the report will be published, he will look at two theories behind this monumental blunder.

Either Osborne breached the conventions of the UK's unwritten constitution and abused the authority of the Treasury to give substance to lies, with Civil servants operating so closely to politicians, that they lost their objectivity and saw themselves as serving those politicians.

Or, the only advice Osborne received came from official economists who had no idea what they were talking about. With so many economists “parroting each other” that unanimity had to be taken at face value.

If the second scenario was the case, the report says:

Osborne may not be a Svengali who corrupted the civil servants around him, but the innocent dupe of utterly incompetent and useless advisers who were carried away with their own tosh.

At the end of the day the report concludes that there was perhaps:

a mixture of malice and ignorance, of wicked politics and trashy economics and that – as usual with other policy blunders in recent decades – it was more cock-up than conspiracy.

Whatever the reason, it shows that the foundations of the Remain campaign are built on some very shifting sands! Please remind them at every opportunity!

The Telegraph reports that the EU's European Investment Fund has shut down investment to UK start-ups despite our taxpayers still pouring their money into the system. It also says that the EIF only put £53 million into UK-focussed funds last year, which was a fall of 91% on what they funded in 2016!

Now, the EIF is a three way partnership with private investors and the European Investment Bank that invests in funds, not companies and it has never said that it had stopped or limited UK-focussed funding – but the numbers speak for themselves.

We should immediately pull whatever funding we give to that scheme and re-focus it inwards! And hang the screeches of protest!

There are claims that due to pressure from the House of Lords and a potential commons vote this week, the PM is about to surrender to the anti-Brexiteers and lock the UK into some sort customs union with the EU.

In a strong indication that party politics is going to decide the issue, the Sunday Times reports that:

"Theresa May’s team has privately admitted she may have to accept permanent membership of a European customs union, after a secret wargaming exercise concluded that even Brexiteers such as Michael Gove and David Davis would not resign in protest."

And further, that she and her senior aides will not be too upset if parliament votes to keep the UK in a customs union. This will do nothing but give the anti-UK, anti-democrats further heart.

And recent comments by Brexit Minister Steve Baker have also prompted the Remain camp to redouble its squealing for a second referendum.

When asked about the Commons having a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal, he said that the House of Commons can make amendments to proposed legislation.

"The Brexit minister agreed a possible amendment would be for parliament to only approve the withdrawal agreement struck with the EU 'subject to a second referendum'." Reports the Independent. Although Mr Baker pointed out that parliament did have a duty to respect the referendum result.

And of course the Remainers have leapt on this saying that the House of Commons must now vote for a second referendum to give the choice to the people – you know – the same people that Remainers claim are too thick to be able to vote in a referendum on such a complicated issue and also don't know what they're voting for.

As I said yesterday, if she tries to keep the UK tied to the EU, Theresa May could face a leadership challenge should 48 letters of no-confidence be sent to the chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 committee. She may think she can get through this if she just says 'well that's parliament for you'. But my guess is that's the way to her demise as PM.

But for our part, we Leavers must be prepared to do our bit and go the final mile to make sure we see Brexit through.

Saturday the 23rd of June this year marks the second anniversary of that historic day when the UK voted to leave the EU and there will be a big Brexit march in London as well as in other cities across the UK.

It is up to you and me to ensure that we keep that day free and march with all the other Brexiteers and outnumber the Remainers who are bound to be there.

In years to come you will want to look back and say 'I was there, I made a difference and I helped make it happen'!

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