Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 16th August 2018

And the Eurocrats are getting paranoid! "BRITISH intelligence may be intervening in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, obtaining secret EU papers just hours after their private release, according to a top European source." Reports the Express.

Jeremy Hunt, the UK Foreign Secretary, is telling the Danes NOT to copy Brexit! "Brexit is 'challenging, divisive and difficult' and Britain does not want other countries to quit the EU, Jeremy Hunt has admitted." Reports The Times.

Sorry, but getting back your identity and independence is difficult! Ask any country that has achieved it in the past!

Brexiteers are coming up with their own plan as an alternative to Theresa May's Chequers based Brexit plan (video):

The New York Times says that the EU can see dangers in not reaching a Brexit agreement with the UK. "But now, with 85 percent of a deal completed, and the toughest issues remaining, European officials say they are increasingly worried that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is so divided and fragile that it could collapse, scuttling a deal and inflicting damage on the Continental economy." It says.

And Gordon Brown is back! Speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival he said that Labour Leave voters were abandoning Brexit, reports The Scotsman. “Leavers and remainers now do have one thing in common – both are increasingly losing hope for a better future for Britain.” He said.

Not from I've seen they haven't!

Anyway, the US likes UK investment in their country! Look at what Ambassador Johnson says:

And on controlling the UK borders and immigration, we have always said that if you don't put up sensible barriers at the nation's borders, you will end up erecting them around your infrastructure, institutions and social services like the NHS. Then you have to get people to accept it as the norm and not question its total lack of logic. As explained by Gerard Batten, the UKIP leader:


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