The losers of the Brexit referendum had a little day out in London today, to have a bit of a rant.


The press reports that people from across the country went to London today to take part in a so-called 'People's Vote' rally called the 'March for the Future'.

Of course, those that want this second, in fact third, referendum, the first being held in 1975 and the second in 2016, are of course all Remainers hoping to reverse Brexit.

The reports on the numbers attending vary wildly from 100,000 to over half a million. Oh! No! Just seen the Guardian saying 670,000.

Now, just to remind everyone. The referendum result across the 33 boroughs of our capital was 2.26 million people voting to Remain and 1.5 million voting to Leave – that's a 60% to 40% split.

So somewhere in the region of two and a half to three times the number of people in London alone voted to Leave the EU compared to the most optimistic estimate of the numbers that turned up from across the country to protest against Brexit today.

Also, when looking at the pictures of Parliament Square and the protestors in it – compare the size of the space there to that of Trafalgar Square and then factor in that the official capacity of Trafalgar Square is only 20,000.

The BBC reported that:

"Some 150 coach loads of people from across the UK – including as far away from London as Orkney – travelled to the March for the Future, which started in Park Lane."

Now what's the average seating capacity of a coach? 60? So that's 9,000 people, only over another half a million to go if those reports are to be believed. Wonder how they all got there?

And many of course brought not only their children but also their dogs and even their horses along to bolster the numbers!

But these people are of course being misled and having their expectations unfairly raised.

We now have only 160 days to go until Brexit Day and, with Christmas in the way, there is nowhere near enough time to have another referendum.

Also, the Remainers themselves say that a referendum is far too blunt an instrument when dealing with this sort of complex decision, so they sort of defeat their own argument don't they?

And can you imagine what would happen if they did manage to organise a referendum and lost again?! Or, worse for everyone, only got 51% of a lower turnout? Actually, I bet they'd call that decisive and final.

No, the risks are far too high. We must complete the Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

Then there's the fact that we cannot now go back to how it was anyway.

The EU Commissioner in charge of the EU budget, Gunther Oettinger, has already said that, if we chose to stay, the UK would be expected to pay more and lose any rebates it has, and last year that rebate alone was worth £5.6 billion.

In 2017 that £5.6 billion was 30% of our £18.6 billion contributions bill. Where's that money going to come from – oh I know, the magic EU money tree – as usual.

Has anyone fully explained to the protesters the repercussions of the planned EU foreign minister and foreign policy, or the planned EU finance minister telling EU member states how to spend their tax money and approving member state budgets?

Have they been told about the reality of the EU army?

Then there's the impact of continued untrammelled immigration that the hard core Remainers like to ignore.

And the pressure would then be on for the UK to join Schengen and the Eurozone, as well as taking our 'fair share' of all migrants and asylum seekers entering the EU, with quotas decided in Brussels.

No, those big topics are always brushed aside by Remainers. It's all about roaming charges to them and lies about the young being unable to ever travel abroad again after Brexit Day.

In fact, I've lost count of the number of times Remainer politicians say that people are only really concerned about jobs and the money in their pockets and it was somehow worries about those things that made them vote to Leave; not an understanding of the bigger picture.

How condescending of them!

These Remain campaigners and politicians are trying to rob this country and its people of their right to a sovereign and independent future. They are attempting to lock us all into an undemocratic and corrupt system that believes that it knows better than we the ordinary people how to run our lives.

Far from freeing our young people, they are chaining them inside a blue and gold starred cage.

We Brexiteers must redouble our efforts and make sure the true will of the people to leave the EU comes to fruition – sooner rather than later.

So, please let us all know what you think about this by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for watching.


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