The longer this post Brexit void is dragged out by hardened Remainiacs, the more worried I become as, day by day, UK democracy moves further up the critical list towards its demise.

After a huge democratic vote, the ordinary UK voter returned what was to many, a surprising result – they want the UK to leave the European Union.

But in its disgust at the antics of the majority, the large corporate interests and many of the political classes are marshalling the forces of big business and their useful idiots on the far left in order to try and frustrate the will of the people.

Those useful idiots are now ignorantly driving the final nails into the coffin of the democracy they say they hold so dear; and what will they do when that anti-democratic system they so cluelessly champion suddenly bites them and their beliefs, which it is certain to do!

Every hour that passes another Remainer emerges from the woodwork to try and re-run the tired-old arguments they lost last month. Once they were condemning the leavers for injecting ‘uncertainty’ into the UK economy, now by their actions and words they perpetuate and encourage uncertainty for their own ends so they can point fingers and say “I told you so!

Democracy was formed to ensure that the silent majority had a voice. So that ordinary people who have busy lives and families had a conduit for expressing their collective will to their representatives. This made sure we could do away with civil wars and the like. It made sure that those politicians they entrust with decisions, could be held directly accountable and, where needed, removed and replaced by the will of the majority.

That majority looked at the European Union and realised that it desperately needed to be removed and replaced by national sovereignty, so that we in the UK could determine our own destiny.

The problem now is that a group of those that lost the argument want to overturn the decision of the people in the belief that they know better. That they, as a minority, should dictate to the rest of us in the majority. Or, more darkly, that their vested interests override the interests of the ordinary decent person.

Those that wish to see the UK leave the European Union must realise that the referendum only fired the starting gun to exiting the EU, it was not an end in itself.

The referendum itself has turned out not to be the political crossroads that many thought. No, the true crossroads was reached after the vote to Leave. The politicians within the Houses of Commons and Lords have been given their instructions by the people. The politicians are still in the driving seat, but who are they listening to? The voice of the silent majority who exercised their rights correctly through the ballot box? Or the lobbying voices of big business in secret meetings and the shrill cries from their useful idiots many of whom had not even bothered to vote or had no right to vote at all?

Every day that delays the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is an erosion of democracy that gives a little more unwarranted power to those that wish us to remain enmeshed in the anti-democratic EU.

Our politicians must now choose carefully and decisively, or reap the political whirlwind that must surely follow.

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