I've just got back from my local UKIP Annual General Meeting to find that the Prime Minister of the UK has effectively agreed that Gibraltar should be handed in part, for now, over to the Spanish.


This must be the final straw, although I expect to see many final straws to be reached in the coming weeks and months as the EU demands more and more from this weak PM knowing that she will always compromise in their favour.

The Spanish said they would 'veto' her deal by not turning up to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement sign-off meeting tomorrow unless Mrs May started to talk about handing Gibraltar over. But May is so keen to see her deal through, however damaging to the UK it is, that she's buckled and told the Spanish that the Withdrawal Agreement would not necessarily apply to the territory of Gibraltar.

And the Spanish PM has leapt on this and basically said that talks must now be opened up for joint sovereignty of the Rock and that:

"Once the UK has left the EU, Gibraltar’s political, legal and even geographic relationship with the EU will go through Spain … "

And that:

Spain will be a fundamental pillar of the relationship between Gibraltar and the EU as a whole.

“When it comes to the future political declaration, the European council and the European commission have backed Spain’s position, and backed it as never before.

“In these fundamental future negotiations, we’re going to have to talk about joint sovereignty and many other things with the UK.

And this will be backed up by the EU in a document that has already been leaked that will say:

"After the United Kingdom leaves the union, Gibraltar will not be included in the territorial scope of the agreements to be concluded between the union and the United Kingdom."

Now many people will say not to worry because this whole agreement will not now pass muster in Westminster.

But the whole point here, is that the Tory party leader was content to include this in her agreement.

She is content to tie us into the EU over the Irish border when it is a non-issue as explained by the head of HMRC to the Commons Select Committee and is now content to play with the sovereignty of Gibraltar – all just to get her rotten deal through parliament.

Any Tory MP who comes out in favour of this deal as of tomorrow morning will have totally proved their anti-UK credentials.

If those 48 letters of no confidence in Theresa May are not lodged by tomorrow morning then you know where the Conservative Party really stands on this whole Brexit matter.

Any Tory minister still in post as of tomorrow morning will basically be thumbing their noses at the people of the UK and the people around the world who have supported us through the good times and the bad.

Those people around the world will all be asking themselves "who's next?" The Falkland Islanders would, in my opinion, have very well-founded reasons to be extremely worried over this development.

And there's also the military base angle to be considered.

The people of the UK now need to look at the two main political parties and see them for what they are – EU mouthpieces willing to dismantle the UK in order to make sure it ends up under Brussels control for all time.

Now some people will claim that Gibraltar is not part of the UK so has some sort of special status that stops it leaving the EU with the UK.

However, it seems that special status did not stop it being allowed to join as part of the UK in the first place.

Also, Gibraltar has taken part in EU MEP elections since 2002 as part of the South West of the UK, so for MEP elections it is part of the UK.

But May must get her deal! What happened to the concept that a deal will not be done 'at any cost'? That has now gone by the board and the deal it seems will be done 'at any price' including the price of Gibraltar – as long as Theresa May's deal is done.

The only way now, is to leave the EU on WTO terms and protect the futures of the people of Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. Because if we do not do that, the price of extending Article 50 or even staying in the EU, will also be to hand Gibraltar over, at least partly, to the Spanish and Northern Ireland fully to the Republic.

Bottom line message to voters, do not trust the Tories, Labour of the Lib Dems with your country! A vote for either of those, with regard to national sovereignty, is a wasted vote!

So, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for watching.





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