So much for our parliamentary sovereignty. It turns out that parliament has no sovereignty at all!


Legal advice is coming out thick and fast now that between them the EU and the UK government, which at the moment appears to be Theresa May acting alone and completely to her own satisfaction, can drive a coach and horses through the wishes of parliament.

And it is the fault of parliament itself that this is the case.

Over the last four decades or more the occupants of both houses of parliament have between them consciously handed their power, no in fact the power of the people of the UK, over to Eurocrats in Brussels.

Now we have MPs demanding all sorts of things in amendments that cannot be delivered. We have MPs from both sides of the Brexit divide railing against the PM and unable to do anything about her continual efforts to ram that hated Withdrawal Agreement down their throats.

The PM has negotiated an international agreement with the EU to extend the Article 50 process to suit her own agenda. An agenda that just about the whole house and country abhors. This international agreement interferes with a statute that our parliament has voted for. It negates an Act that our monarch has signed into law. All because our previous parliaments have voted to ensure that EU law has precedence over UK law! Let that sink in!

And even the Statutory Instrument that the PM laid before parliament this afternoon to give effect to the Article 50 extension in UK law, appears to have been a pure exercise in paperwork.

And the result is, that UK statute will this week be completely ignored and overridden.

And another factor that has been unclear to me until today, is that for section one of the EU Withdrawal Act that repeals the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA 1972) to become effective, it seems to require some sort of commencement order signed by the Prime Minister. And that does not appear to have happened yet.

The upshot is that, depending on the result of future votes this week, we will either leave with the PM's deal on the 22nd May or without a deal on the 12th April unless we commit to another extension and holding EU MEP elections.

And that further extension could be agreed in exactly the same way! i.e. no parliamentary intervention.

According to all this legal advice we will not be leaving on the 29th of March full stop! Whatever the Act of parliament says.

That shows that even with our supposedly sovereign parliament voting to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 that took us into this mess in the first place, we are stuck with the EU.

Our MPs are powerless – so why do we employ them? The whole of parliament votes for something and it is proved meaningless.

Our Remainer dominated MPs are now boxed in by their own obsession with the EU. They want to direct what goes on but they are stitched up by their own previous decisions to hand our power away.

And all the while we hear that the EU is ready for a no deal, that the Irish border is ready for a no deal and that the UK is ready for a no deal. But the PM still pushes this EU colony status deal on us.

And to try and give her case credence she suddenly comes up with a new excuse that had the DUP seething. Theresa May is suddenly claiming today that a lack of government in Stormont has prevented no deal preparations in Northern Ireland.

Well this came as a big surprise to the DUP and they made the point that all the preparations made so far, have been done UK wide.

This whole debacle beggars belief.

The people of the UK thought that they were sovereign and had issued an instruction to a body they had loaned their sovereignty to.

The people thought that their elected representatives would comply and had the capability of so doing.

But all they've seen is a body of MPs not only working against the will of the people but also coming up with a totally unacceptable deal and proving to be both personally and politically unable to measure up to the task.

They've seen a weak government now openly using every last nasty little administrative device to try and force an unwanted deal on the country and a rag tag opposition unable to do anything meaningful about it.

And if that rag-tag opposition could do anything about it, they would only find another way to go against the will of the people themselves anyway.

And my fear is, that unless the UK leaves the EU at 11 pm this Friday the 29th of March this will not end well.

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