Oh dear, so this is what Prince Harry meant when he was referring to the Brit Awards representing the highest pedigree of  talent. I beg to differ.

Sorry but when Lily Allen wins best female solo artist you know there is trouble. Lily isn't that bad and her single 'Smile' of her first album was very infectious as are many of her songs but is she the best female act out there at the moment?


She is better than many who performed on that stage but if you're handing out awards to best female 'artist' then it would be better to find a candidate  who has more depth in their musical offerings.  This is not a Lily bashing article because she really isn't that bad but she really isn't that great either.

Cheryl Cole mimed her way through her ironic hit single 'Fight for this Love' because she can hardly sing live at the best of times but the poor girl is in the middle of a heart-ache after new revelations about her husband, Ashley Cole and his inability to keep his pecker in his trousers.

As I have said before I am not interested in the media reporting on the lives of the unimportant like Cheryl and Ashley Cole when our economy and fabric of our society are in the process of breaking down but Cheryl has proven to be an exception.

Her voice may sound like 10 cats vomiting onto a baking tray and she might not be the brightest spark but she conducts herself very well and is a pretty damn good role model for the younger generation with her commitment to her marriage.

How long this commitment will last is unsure given the recent news about Ashley but she is still a dignified moral example for a generation of the kids who live on microwave meals who idolise her.

The rather enjoyable Dizzee Rascal picked up an award for best male solo artist, again this is preposterous but I suppose there comes a point where you have to sit down and face reality whilst saying to yourself "this is an award ceremony for teenage music fans".

Dizzee Rascal is very enjoyable in the right setting and in the context of this sort of award ceremony he deserves his title as does Lily Allen.

Then you had Mr Liam Gallagher who displayed his usual exemplary behavior (Cough) picking up an award for 'Oasis'.

All in all the Brits is a load of tripe designed to show off the favorite music of the feral generation.

But there was one non-Brit who stole the awards and deservedly so and she is Lady Gaga, who is brilliant at writing a well crafted pop song but adds some otherworldly 'je ne sais quoi' to her music making her a truly original artist.

She is like some Egyptian high priestess brought forward to the 21st century who's creativity is not limited to her songwriting but to her visual performance and style which never dull and never the same from day to day.

Coming up with fresh ideas of how to shock on a daily basis must be exhausting at the best of times but add the pressures of touring and studio time (which is exhausting in itself) and you have a recipe for a breakdown.

Not something the faint hearted and lazy could undertake.

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