In my life I have been to some great pubs up and down the country, but one pub stands out amongst them for it's real ales and warm friendly atmosphere and that pub is The Star Inn in Talybont-on-Usk. There is no finer location to sit with friends and put the world to rights with a quality real ale.

Where do I start this article? Well lets go back through the mists of time to my teenage years when I first encountered The Star Inn. One Saturday in July, a group of friends and I decided to cycle to Talybont and try a few of these quality ales which we had heard so much about from the seasoned real ale drinkers.

My uncles had previously converted me to real ales and I fancied finding a pub in my area that could continue my education in real ales, so upon hearing of The Star Inn I decided that I must embark on a journey there.

Upon our arrival we were presented by an array of different weird and wonderful sounding drinks like 'Owd Roger' and a few of the Mole's brewery ales. I had found a pub that was above and beyond any other in its ambiance and quality of ales

As for cycling back home all I can say is that we needed a mini bus to come and pick us up.

The Star Inn Talybont-On-UskEver since that day I have popped in for an ale or two (depending on if my wife is willing to drive) but in the past few years the pub in my opinion has become even better than when I remember it from years ago.

This is thanks to its Landlord Ian Bell who's love and dedication to The Star Inn and it's real ale selection has given the pub its well deserved accolade as 'Best Camra Pub' for the region. I would personally call it the best pub in Britain for a number of reasons.

Ian Bell landlord of The Star Inn

Firstly over 500 different real ales are served throughout the year spoiling the visitor to a selection of flavours and aromas and that alone is something for the real ale enthusiast to look forward to and removing any monotony in selection.

Secondly on the last Friday of every month the pub shows off the local musical talent (this gives a highlight to the month and doesn't intrude too much on the main focus of the pub) and is a very popular venue for the spill over from the Brecon Jazz festival, commonly known as the 'Brecon Fringe'.

Thirdly the landlord, wife and staff provide a warm welcome and are more than helpful in guiding you in a selection of the ales and ciders available.

And lastly they have a beautiful spacious beer garden with a river flowing along side and canal just above, but it is the open fire which all adds to the experience that is The Star Inn and makes you want to keep coming back.

The Star Inn held a highly successful beer festival of its own back in October with a marquee and live music which saw 26 casks of real ale consumed and Ian is looking to put on another two festivals next year. One in mid June and another in October and I for one will be attending both festivals.

The Star also provides accommodation and good quality well priced pub grub using local produce where they can. I cannot recommend this pub highly enough so I suggest you go take a look for yourself because in my opinion if your looking for that real pub experience then The Star Inn is your first port of call.

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