Last night's Britain's Got Talent results saw the triumph of Simon Cowell's influence on British culture as Gay and Alan Cooper were voted off Britain's got talent.

11 year old James Hobley and impressionist Les Gibson were both magnificent but bell ringers Gay and Alan were breath taking in their Phantom of the Opera Medley.

Gay and Alan Cooper's performance was a powerful, spellbinding and romantic duet that sent shivers down the spine and highlighted the little known art form of playing the bells.

The concentration and physical dynamics required to perform such a medley is quite extraordinary and proved to be a breath of fresh air in a competition dominated by singers and dancers.

I must emphasise the talents of both James Hobley and Les Gibson are not to be overlooked in this matter because both were fantastic. James's dancing was out of this world for any dancer let alone an eleven year old and Les Gibson was hilarious (especially his impersonation of Declan Donnelly) and Les could become one of Britain's great comedians.

But the tastes of the British public have been forever tainted by Simon Cowell's influence on popular music in the 21st century. Cowell buzzed the beautiful and poetic performance by Gay and Alan Cooper, proving the fact that he has no place in the world of art and culture.

The originality of Gay and Alan overshadowed the performances of Les Gibson and James Hobley yet this was lost on the judging panel and the British public.

Gay Cooper was most gracious in her defeat as the judges rejected the act she and her husband had crafted. Gay Cooper's tribute to the talents of James Hobley in a very touching moment of praise for the eleven year old dancer.

Good luck to Les and James as they are both highly talented in their respective fields but I don't think we have heard the last from Gay and Alan. There are even whispers that Gay and Alan could be brought back as a wild card.

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