Forget the usual gymnastic stunts or dance troops, Spellbound showed what a bunch of creative and dedicated Brits are. As his troop auditioned on Britain's Got Talent, the humble genius who put together their routine stood at the side of the stage and and watched with pride as did the rest of the nation. If you didn't feel pride watching those kids performing something so original, artistic and physically demanding then you are not British!

It has been known for a tear to be shed or the odd raucous chuckle to be let out  in our household whilst watching TV but rarely do you get to watch something that makes owning a television worthwhile because it makes you stand up on your sofa, jump around and cheer.

Rhydian's rendition of O Fortuna was the musical choice to accompany the routine which made the great and wise (Cough!) Simon Cowell say "I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that in my life" Amanda Holden added "It was absolutely faultless" and for one I agree with the judges on Britain's got Talent.

I cannot overstate how moving the performance was with such attention to detail and taste that you would not think this was anything but a professional performing group.

But these youngsters aged from 12 to 24 showed that there is more to gymnastics than your usual routine, the physical stamina to do such daring routines with excruciatingly difficult mid air poses requires dedication, training and practice that could only be understood by athletes of an Olympic standard.

Huge congratulations to all involved and in particular to the chap who arranged the performance.

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