Millions of viewers watched the royal wedding ceremony yet were completely unaware of the VIP guest list which included the despotic elite from the middle east who are waging war on their own citizens.

Diplomatic protocol was placed before human rights in the royal wedding with senior officials from Swaziland, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain present at the royal wedding whilst peaceful protesters were rounded up in  a spate of thought crime arrests and political arrests.

Included in the arrests were a professor of anthropology and 2 other members of a cast of street theatre who were exercising their right to protest in a peaceful manner.

68 year old Chris Knight, his 60 year old partner Camilla Power and 45 year old Patrick Macroidan from the movement 'Government of the Dead' were arrested at home before any crime or perceivable crime had taken place.

The justification for the arrest was cited as for conspiracy to commit breach of the peace and commit a public nuisance.

In other words they might upset one of the largest pieces of royalist propaganda ever undertaken in Britain.

But the arrest leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth of any decent Brit who watches this the video (below) of the arrest and I would urge any of the policemen involved to do some serious soul searching regarding the arrest…..they have made themselves look like fools, or worse.

At what point will the police question the fact that they no longer serve the British people? We need the police to be accountable to the people of Britain and not the crown and the state.

Many would argue that the real criminals were inside Westminster Abbey not outside.

Then of course there was the ridiculous arrest of the much loved Charlie Veitch from The Love Police.

Charlie was also arrested at home and bundled away, with his family and solicitors unaware of his exact whereabouts  during his incarceration.

Veitch is one of the most original campaigners of the 21st century who uses love, sarcasm and irony to get his message across armed with the most terrifying of weapons……the megaphone.

All this in a day which cost the country so much money that it would have paid for the tuition fees of students for years to come.

As I write this I am fully aware of how ludicrous all this sounds yet it is the truth and this is the Britain we live in today but it is beginning to look as if human rights have taken a severe knocking to allow the royal wedding to proceed with a police-force serving the interests of the  crown above the interests of the British people who have a right to say NO in a peaceful manner to the royal wedding.

Think about it long and hard, on the 29th April 2011 the right to peaceful protest was sacrificed at the altar of ensuring a smooth running royal wedding. These videos below show that the protesters that were arrested were not violent. So why were they arrested? To protect them from a public backlash perhaps? But other groups that have openly espoused violence against the state and its subjects have had their rights to protest protected by this very state. But of course there was no fairytale royal wedding at the time was there?

Bear this in mind. No-one has any rights in the UK, they have occasional access to some freedoms – when the state allows it.


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