Relations between Iran and the United Kingdom have taken a turn for the worse as William Hague calls for additional measures to financially isolate Iran.

The Foreign Secretary has sent a strong message the the Iranian regime from Brussels where he is attending talks. His message  conjures up the impression of unity between other EU states regarding the latest deterioration in relations with Iran by saying:

"I'm very strongly impressed by the emphatic support of  the rest of the European Union on this and against this grave violation of the Vienna convention by Iran.

In addition today of course we will be discussing  measures on Iran, addition measures, the European Union has taken many measures already but I hope additional measures I hope we will agree today will be an intensification on the economic pressure on Iran.

Peaceful legitimate, economic pressure."

Over the past week Iranian diplomats have been asked to leave the UK following the Iranian storming of the British embassy in the Iranian capital of Tehran and the war of words between the Islamic republic and the UK is expected to continue until someone does the unthinkable and respond with an act of military aggression…that someone almost certainly not being Iran.

It is believed that the storming of the British embassy was rubber stamped by the Iranian government.

Rumours on state television from China suggest that Iran would be protected against any military aggression by the Chinese regardless of outcome.

One of the suggested methods of extending the financial isolation of Iran is to manage a complete oil embargo which could prove rather provocative towards the Chinese when you consider they share a trade in excess of $20 billion every year.

The UK has already severed all financial links with Iranian banks and this could result in further leanings towards nations such as China who are ready and prepared to do business with Iran.

In his speech at Brussels, William Hague also went on to point out quite reasonably the moral degradation of the Iranian government with regards to human rights and the Iranian support for the Syrian regime, which is surprising legitimate democratic protests with violent force.

However there is the pungent whiff of hypocrisy when you consider the fact that this from a representative of a the British government with close diplomatic links to the American government, both of which have used police brutality to suppress demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street movement and the respective Occupy LSX (London Stock Exchange) protests.

William Hague said:

"Of course Iran welcomes protests in other parts of the Arab world but is against them in Syria and against them in Iran. And I think events across the Arab world this year, what we have come to call the Arab spring are behind the increasing suppression of human rights in Iran.

I think the Iranian regime has felt itself in a weaker position domestically and so it has opposition leaders under house arrest and more than 500 people have been executed so far this year in Iran.

Opposition movements are in general suppressed, this is the increasing suppression of human rights and of democracy and is a big step backwards for Iran"

When you consider peaceful protester, Charlie Veitch from the Love Police and many other peaceful protesters had their legitimate right to protest taken away from them by the British government during the Royal Wedding by being placed under arrest it does make one wonder.

There is also the question of British diplomatic relations with America who have cracked down on legitimate protests as was the case of Scott Olsen, a former Iraq war veteran who was hit by a canister fired by the Police in Oakland.

And we should not forgetting the British Government who prevented demonstrators from marching on the London Stock Exchange, which lead to the camp being formed at St Paul's Cathedral.

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