The British film-maker Peter Yates, famed for films such as Bullitt and Summer Holiday has died aged 81 in London after an illness.

Over his film career Peter Yates has worked with some of the great legends of the big screen and music such as Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Raquel Welch and Cliff Richard and the Shadows, the latter two of whom he directed in classic British film Summer Holiday.

The cultural impact of Summer Holiday (Which was his directorial debut) is immeasurable when you consider how many people eventually went on to convert red double-decker buses and go off travelling.

To this day there is still held, by old and young alike, the culture of converting older vehicles and transforming them into temporary accommodation to be used for everything from a gap year rights of passage experience across Europe to a retirement jaunt around the English countryside.

And one thing is for sure the song Summer Holiday performed by Cliff Richard and The Shadows will at some time be blasted on the sound system regardless of age.

Yates has also been nominated for two Oscars, firstly in 1980 for Breakaway then in 1984 for the Dresser but it will be the 1968 cult classic Bullitt which famously saw Steve McQueen tearing up the streets of San Fransisco in what is regarded by many critics to the greatest car chase scene in the history of film.

He began his directorial career working as assistant director on Tony Richardson's  A Taste Of Honey and J.Lee Thompson's The Guns Of Navarone and was a graduate of the Royal Collage of Dramatic Art.

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