Since Plumbs opened for business over 50 years ago, the changes in home interior trends – influenced by cultural changes in the world – have been dramatic, to say the least!

Looking at the 1950s, homes were smaller post-war, but style trumped functionality for the first time in decades. Modernism was in and the idea of 'kitsch' decoration entered the British home.

Then came the age of 'free love', and in entered 'Art Nouveau'. Flower power was all the rage and this translated into design; home-owners and designers alike were taking a more 'anything goes' approach with interiors.

Bold prints transcended into the 1970s alongside geometrics, and patterns became more and more popular throughout the 80s. Preppy fabrics and chintzy pastels echoed the more garish fashions at the time; Lycra and perms were a must-have.

The 1990s saw British homes sporting minimalism, Britpop and patriarchy all at once, and reality TV became popular in the millennium, leading to designs becoming more individual.

Technology has reigned supreme within the past five years, and design is reflective of this; it's clean, crisp and technical with modernism at the forefront.

Want to see the changes for yourself? Check out the infographic below! Note: the trusty sofa has always been a constant. Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

plumbs design through the ages

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