According to the usual culprits in the media, bodyguard Fernando Flores had to deal with Britney Spears sexual advances with her trying to lure him into the bedroom and flaunt her naked body in front of him.

Britney's advances have been so bad that Ex-cop Fernando Flores has decided enough is enough and has quit his job as her minder.

Ah diddums you may think.

But if you're a family man. gay, or just don't fancy Britney Spears then it would be rather an unpleasant ordeal. Personally if Britney Spears decided to raise her standards and gave me the come on I would say "NO BRITNEY I DON'T FANCY YOU AND I'M MARRIED"…….."AND YOUR MUSIC IS CRAP".

But that's me and my opinion.

Apparently Britney is notorious for walking around her house with no cloths on. Well I sometimes walk around the house with no clothes on when there is no one in the house and that is only from the shower to the towel rail hanging on the wall on the other side of the shower room.

But Britney (according to blah blah blah the Sun)  likes to walk around naked in front of her bodyguards whose job it is to make sure she leaves the house with underwear on as well as looking after her.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Britney, if all this is true then you're a very naughty girl and should be banned from having any media attention until you can behave yourself …. this would of course kill two birds with one stone.

Birdy number one :-

You will learn to behave.

Birdy number two :-

World culture could improve drastically thanks to you not being involved in it.

Now there are a few names that I could add to a celebrity embargo …. feel free to add any names you want to add below.

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