A poll by Pulse magazine which surveyed 107 doctors  has revealed startling evidence that suggests most British citizens offered immunisation against the swine flu virus have rejected the vaccination.

The poll sends a clear message out to both the government and makers of the vaccines as only 46% on average of those offered the vaccine agreed to take it, making mass immunisation a very difficult target to reach for the government.

Pulse's Editor Richard Hoey indicated a very large number of both patients and doctors remain unconvinced of the need and safety of  the swine flu immunisation.

One doctor surveyed said that only one in twenty of the pregnant women he offered the H1N1 vaccine agreed to take it. This news is even more confusing after the recent deaths of pregnant women from swine flu but the surveyed doctors revealed that Brits do not trust the vaccine or think it is too insignificant an illness and many are frightened of it.

The winter flu is a greater danger than the H1N1 virus in its current mutation and this fact has lead many to question the motives and wisdom of mass immunisation especially with a drug that many feel has not been tested adequately.

The  government has  revised its predictions for the death toll of the H1N1 virus which  has gone from 65,000 deaths down to 1000 deaths and that figure may go lower again.

I am sure we will see new government campaigns to warn us of the dangers of swine flu and that pregnant women are particularly at risk. We have all heard stories in the media about the short term dangers of the vaccine, so what are the long term side effects of the vaccine for the children born who's mothers received the vaccination?

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