, the voucher code and money-saving site has seen visits to its site almost triple over the bank holiday weekend, with the most popular voucher codes being travel related.

Data from has revealed that visits to voucher code sites are increasing rapidly, with a huge increase around the May bank holiday as well as Easter.  When comparing to last year’s data over the same bank holiday weekend, the number of visits to the site increased by almost three times.

Ed Fleming, Head of PR and Partnerships at Savoo commented: “It is an astounding increase from just one year ago. It is evident that the voucher code industry is on the rise. Brits are becoming increasingly savvy about the way they shop, and it is becoming more of a norm to look for a discount before buying something for full price. The bank holidays appear to be prime time to hunt out a great deal.”

Savoo also looked into the most popular voucher codes that were used during the bank holiday. Travel related vouchers were the most popular voucher codes to use, both this year and last year. 20% of the vouchers redeemed this bank holiday were travel related. Take-away vouchers were also popular (15%) and so were restaurants (12%). Clothing and shoes were far less popular this year compared to last year (Last year 16%, this year 10%).

Brighton Beach by Chmee2

Brighton Beach by Chmee2

Ed comments “After having a break over Easter and the May bank holiday as a taster, it has encouraged many to get their summer holidays booked. Last minute deals around this time can be a great way to save money. I can’t say I’m hugely surprised about the take-away vouchers being popular on bank holiday! Brits love a good take-away after a night on the town celebrating the holidays.”

The research also revealed:

• More men than women used voucher codes this bank holiday. (64% men, 36% women)

• Phone, mobile and broadband vouchers were the least popular this year. (3%)

• Health and beauty vouchers were more popular last year. (10% last year, 6% this year)

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