Simon Monjack was found dead in his Beverly Hills home that he once shared with his wife, actress Brittany Murphy. Attempts to resuscitate him were carried out but sadly to no avail.

It was at the end of December that Brittany herself passed away through a combination of pneumonia, drugs and anaemia leaving her husband and screenwriter Simon Monjack to grieve for his wife.

Simon Monjack apparently suffered from a heart condition which he said caused him seizures and to suffer a previous heart attack when returning to his home from Puerto Rico.

Five months ago actress Brittany Murphy died in Monjack's arms after collapsing in the shower, Monjack controversially tried to block  investigators from carrying out a post-mortem because he could not bare the idea of his wife being cut open.

Many believe this was a suspicious move by Monjack, but as a husband I can understand why he may have objected to such a procedure and as sad as his death is you can't help feeling a little hope that there is an afterlife reunion for married couples when you hear news that a husband or wife follows his or her partner to the grave.

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