So, the Eurocrats sat in Brussels think that, deal or no deal, there will be no Brexit this year!


According to EU officials, Boris Johnson will become the next UK Prime Minister, but that he will not take the UK out of the EU deal or no deal on the 31st of October this year, because to do so could trigger a vote of no confidence in him that could bring his premiership to a very short and abrupt end.

No, they expect Boris to use his 'charm and charisma' – they said that, I didn't, – to try and push an amended version of the Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty through.

The Daily Mail quotes a couple of EU sources on this. One said:

"A lot of people are scared about Boris, but I don't think he is the worst of all. I think Boris can sell things back home that Theresa May probably couldn't.

"If people really brief Boris and talk him through the implications of No Deal, I think he will really think twice."

And another said:

"Whatever happens, you'll probably end up with a short-term extension of two or three months. It will either be a short extension for a controlled No Deal, or to allow for getting a deal to pass through the parliament."

So, what are they saying?

That once Boris is sat behind the desk, our civil service mandarins will march in one by one and plonk a hefty tome in front of the brand new PM and his brand new cabinet and say 'here's another reason we can't leave the EU quite yet'?

And then they assume that Boris will be on the Brussels Bat Phone begging for another Article 50 extension.

And all because he fears facing a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons?

Well, if he caved in like that, he would be facing a meltdown loss of confidence of epic proportions in both him and his Tory party within the country at large – forget parliament!

And the winners there would be Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party.

But, by talking about Boris selling an amended version of the deal to the country, Brussels also seems to be signalling that they are up for talking about the contents of the Withdrawal Agreement – a big no no up until now.

And this is something we need to steer well clear of. Because the Withdrawal Agreement, however amended, is just a new lock-in treaty that replaces the old lock-in treaties.

We need a trade deal, not a full blown treaty with 27 other states that would be almost impossible to amend.

Now, there is a plan being hatched by Conservative Party big-wigs, says the Telegraph, to get Boris into Number Ten unopposed with just a confirmatory vote for members.

This would have a couple of benefits from the Tory viewpoint.

The first is that it would give him an extra month or so in office prior to Brexit day on the 31st of October.

And it would also prevent Jeremy Corbyn benefitting from weeks of serious Blue on Blue action as the candidates tore into each other while vying for the keys to Number Ten.

But I'm not sure that the other egos on the list would want to play along with that game – unless they thought that Boris would fail in his allotted task of delivering the UK from the EU and so unhorse himself very quickly.


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