Bulgaria's ambassador to the UK, Konstantin Dimitrov, has rounded on what he called highly unacceptable and prejudicial comments from some parts of the political establishment.

Not only did he say that Bulgarian's are not immigrants but just moving freely within the European Union to find work, he also said that the UK Home Office has never rejected a request from British employers to hire Bulgarians since 2007. Although the  applications for some session workers cards were sometimes turned down this was due to technical reasons only he said.

It is estimated that somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 Bulgarians come to Britain each year to work. Mr Dimitrov said that this would not increase when the last restrictions are lifted in January 2014.

This of course raises questions over whether the restrictions put in place on countries prior to full EU membership were ever effective.

UKIP deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, says that the revelation that not a single work permit Bulgarian immigrants has been rejected since 2007 shows how the coalition government's rhetoric on immigration is not matched by reality.

"This government has been spinning the line that it is tougher than Labour on immigration. This proves otherwise.” He said.

"The fact that we have one million young people out of work with net immigration still running at above 170,000 people per annum is ludicrous.

Konstantin Dimitrov by Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria

Konstantin Dimitrov by Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria

"The government need to be restricting migration from countries like Bulgaria but instead they are opening the doors completely next year. It is utterly stupid and irresponsible."

The chairman of MigrationWatch, Sir Andrew Green, said that British workers must be given a level playing field in recruitment as the one million young people not in employment or training should be given the chance to get on the work ladder.

The chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz, has said he would be raising these issues with Theresa May and her officials when they appear in front of his committee in December.

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