The Brexit scare-mongering balloon gets a good bursting today as two of the Project Fear assertions are proved false.


In news that will have the Remain Project Fear pedlars in a panic, the EU has said that as long as the UK reciprocates, UK flights, lorries, coaches and buses will still be able to operate in the EU after we leave, even in the event of a no deal Brexit.

This contingency plan has been welcomed by the former Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, who said:

It is welcome that the EU wants to agree reciprocal arrangements for a No Deal.

“This pierces the Project Fear myths and shows that the UK and EU can work sensibly together.

This temporary arrangement would stay in place until the end of 2019 to give the EU and UK time to come to a permanent agreement.

With just 40 days to Brexit Day and still no way ahead with Theresa May's Brexit In Name Only so-called deal, we might well see more of this happening to ensure that business continues near enough untroubled.

The Eurocrats have obviously seen the sense in not damaging their own businesses just to try and get at us.

Now, this is very significant for Brexiteers, as it's very good news in that every sensible move like this on both sides of the Channel reduces the impact of the no deal or WTO Brexit scare-mongering, which in turn reduces the pressure on our MPs to feel compelled take the PM's Withdrawal Agreement over letting the no-deal Brexit happen – as long as they are listening and are aware of what's going on, that is.

And with some of them you have to wonder don't you? While those of the rabidly pro-EU sort, will play the three hear no Brexit, see no Brexit, say no Brexit monkeys, ignoring it and pretending the Project Fear balloon is expanding and not being popped.

It also reinforces that keeping the no-deal option on the table is exactly the right thing to do.

And it does make you wonder why Theresa May is bothering to write to all her MPs asking them to come together behind her hugely flawed deal, just as it looks less likely we'll need it. Especially as Leavers don't want it, Remainers don't want it and the majority of the people in the UK don't want it.

True Brexiteers must press on and ensure that this positive development is given the widest possible dissemination. Let's keep the no-deal Brexit groundswell growing!

Moving on, the German car manufacturer Porsche, is telling UK customers that if their new car arrives after Brexit, then they may have to pay up to an extra ten percent for it unless they put down the a deposit for it before January the 17th.

The BBC says this would increase the cost of an entry level 911 sports car from £93,110 to £102,421.

This is due to the potential for the UK government to apply tariffs on imported cars.

Now, if applied, that tariff will be paid by the importer with the cost being passed on to the UK consumer in the final price. But importantly, after Brexit day, the full amount of that tariff would go to the UK government. Whereas before Brexit day 80% of any tariff for goods coming into the UK from outside the EU goes into the Brussels coffers.

Now, looking at the prices, I would hazard a guess that only the wealthier consumers can afford a brand new Porsche. So, I must admit to not caring much if they do end up paying a bit more to the taxman, or if they decide not to buy a Porsche because of the tariff, then it will hit Porsche sales and, you never know, they may come down in price.

And finally, the flag making company, Flying Colours, has reported a surge of 75% in orders for UK flags since last summer and a slump of 90% in EU flag orders, reports Channel NewsAsia.

Although, not many people realise it, the gold star and blue flag is called the European Flag and was actually created by the Council of Europe, with the European Union adopting it later.

So as we will still be members of the Council of Europe, which is not to be confused with the EU Council, then there could still be a legitimate reason to fly that flag.

As the Council of Europe, which is home to the European Court of Human Rights, explains on its website:

"The European flag and the European anthem were chosen and adopted by the Council of Europe before also becoming symbols of the European Union. They are now the emblems of a shared European identity."

So one suspects that all those organisations and people that want us to Remain in or Rejoin the EU will use this as an excuse to keep flying it.


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