Over the years there have been many impressive innovations that have revolutionised the business world.

Dating right back to 3000 B.C when money was invented, through to 1129 when banking burst onto the scene – so many things have helped make businesses what they are today.

If you’re looking to improve your company, there are a few recent innovations that you will want to check out and below you’ll discover some of the top ones.

Social media – helping businesses connect with the community

These days, there is a huge need for businesses to connect with their local communities. Not only that, they also need to connect to their customers too. Social media has made it possible to not only receive feedback and connect with customers, but also to make a real difference to the community. As reported in the Guardian, social innovation has helped businesses make a difference and strengthen their customer relationships.

Road safety equipment

Driving is a risky, yet often fulfilling profession. Without drivers, the business world would completely collapse. In order to make the job safer, several safety improvements have been made. One of the most recent is the reversing camera from Brigade. Offering a wider angle view so the driver can see if there are any obstructions behind them, reversing has never been easier. Not only can they prevent damage to the vehicle, but they also have the power to save lives.

Apple iPad2 © The Economic VoiceThe iPad

While there are many tablets out there these days, as featured on Inc.com, the iPad was actually the first to be released that was useful for businesses. Providing numerous apps that can help to improve productivity and communication, running a business has become a lot easier thanks to these tablet devices.

Mobile communications

Smartphones similarly help to bridge the gap between communications. Now, with the use of a simple app, employers can video call with their employees, clients and partners no matter where they are. This has reduced travel costs and also helped improve productivity. It is by far one of the biggest innovations of all time and has had a huge positive impact on the business world.

The Cloud

The Cloud has enabled businesses to save personal and confidential data online. Provided they use the private cloud services, this can help boost credibility. When you store files in the office, there is the potential for them to get stolen or be seen by prying eyes. However, on the private cloud, only people with the password can access the documents. Of course, there is also the space saving benefits to consider as the files aren’t stored on your computer and they will never be lost.

Overall these are just some of the best businesses innovations that have the power to help. New technology is constantly being released and can help to improve business operations. 
If you want to stand out from the competition, it is important to make use of the latest technology. If you aren’t currently making the most of the innovations above, now would be the time to change that.

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