Buying business travel arrangements is by no means a thing of the past. As airfares become more modest with airlines trying their best to offer the most comprehensive deals, business travelling continues to rise with the expansion and proliferation of foreign business markets.

If you have to travel for your business needs, it’s probably still best to use a business travel agent, like Co-operative Travel Management. There are many reasons to do this; we’ve outlined some of the most important ones for you below.

Business travel agents are completely hassle-free

The whole point of going with a business travel agent is you can let them worry about all of your travel arrangements, so you can take care of business. All the way from your transport to the airport, the flight, transport out of your destination airport, to your hotel; everything is taken care of, so you have peace of mind to focus on your work.

Why waste precious time worrying about flights and prices, when you can just hire someone else to worry about it?

Business travel agents probably give you better fares

Some would regard this assertion as suspect; however, travelling for business is very different from just booking a budget flight to Tenerife. Business travellers often have complicated itineraries with multiple destinations. This requires extra attention to be paid to bookings and arrangements.

Trying to book your own complicated itinerary online can just lead to a lot of frustration and more importantly, complications during travel. It’s better to let a professional take care of it for you, where no mistakes will be made.

They often have access to a plethora of airlines and will definitely give you the most appropriate options.

Business travel agents take care of problems en route efficiently

If you’ve booked everything yourself online, you don’t have anything to fall back on if something goes wrong. You could end up angry, frustrated, and – worst of all – your business arrangements could be scuppered. It’s no good for anyone to turn up for a meeting abroad stressed out!

On the other hand, with a business travel agent, all it takes is a phone call to just one person, contrasting sharply with all the different phone calls you’d have to make yourself otherwise. You’ll only have to talk to one person, who will gladly and efficiently offer solutions.

Business travel agents have the most up-to-date information

This applies to safety, security and changes to your travel arrangements. Having to change your plans because of new rules and laws you didn’t know about can be very frustrating.

With a business travel agent, you can expect to be kept up-to-date 24 hours a day; they will notify you immediately of any potential inconveniences along the way.

Heathrow Airport by Jnpet

Heathrow Airport by Jnpet

Image by Jnpet (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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