Forget all the faddy ‘low-fat’ spreads, butter is the winner in the health stakes according to the latest research. And I for one am glad that I switched back from spreads to butter two years ago (mainly due to the fact that to me butter tastes far better than manufactured spreads).

New ground breaking research from the US government’s National Institutes of Health in Maryland found missing data from a 1960s study of 458 men who had had a heart attack or suffered from angina aged 30-59.

They found that one of the ingredients in the so called ‘healthy’ vegetable oil based spreads triggers inflammation, which is a major player in a lot of nasty diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although there did not seem to be any benefit of switching from butter to vegetable based spreads when comparing death rates using modern statistical techniques, they did find that replacing animal fats with vegetable oil polyunsaturated fatty acids increased the risk for those who already had cardiovascular disease.

Butter by Meanos (PD)

Butter by Meanos (PD)

Quoted in the Express Victoria Taylor, senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation said that the understanding of the impact of different fats on the heart was developing all the time. But whichever fat you choose you should measure your use of it, use it sparingly and don’t fry everything.

This of course will continue to confuse people who are always being told by someone that whatever they eat is bad for them, which may lead them to just ignore any advice and continue to eat what for them is easiest, tastiest and cheapest.

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