With more changes to the housing market as we move into 2015, it comes as no surprise that more first time buyers are being put off stepping onto the property ladder due to the hidden costs and confusion hidden in the process.

Only this January there has already been changes to the Welsh renting legislation and news that the housing market is set to slow in the coming year. Such formidable news is a sign that the difficulties to move are increasing and with much doubt in the market, it’s all the more reason for people to stay the course and renovate rather than take the risk in moving.

For those renting or buying a property for the first time it’s a daunting task.

There are many conflicting guides online and across many financial forums, and with little to nothing covered in education around the subject, buyers are walking into the market blind to the jargon and implications.

But understanding the true costs involved can help them understand the budget needed for such a life changing decision.

To help ease the stress, this new Moving House Tool [1], has been designed to enable buyers to follow the steps to understand exactly what they’ll need to pay for and how much it’s going to cost.

Moving cost calculator

The first app of its kind to include the new stamp duty, this tool goes through each area including legal fees, deposits, surveys and vehicle hire for moving, so that every cost is covered to give a clear guideline of what can be expected.

In a time when buying a property can seem like a pipedream there’s hope that easing the stress of the baffling financials, a new generation of home owners can take the leap and the market may have a boom once again.

[1] www.everyday-loans.co.uk/moving-cost-calculator/

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