The Prime Minister is expected to say today that communities across the UK have been damaged by mass immigration and that a main cause of this has been that many UK born workers have found it easier to get benefits than do a job.

For all this David Cameron places the blame firmly at the last Labour Government's door.

Essentially he will be saying that Labour's benefits policies have created a generation of work-shy Britons, which has left the employment market open to the only people who would fill the gap, immigrants. And figures that show that 75% of the 2.5 million extra employees since 1997 are foreign born would bear this out.

The Prime Minister is expected to stress that this is not a case of foreigners 'taking our jobs' but a case of them being prepared to fill the gaps left by lazy Brits.

This has led, he will claim, to the damage of communities across Britain as many immigrants fail to integrate properly ending up with 'discomfort and disjointedness' in neighbourhoods.

Take away the benefits culture, he will say, and the job gaps will go therefore naturally curtailing immigration.

Mr Cameron also wants to clamp down on forced marriages and is expected to say that the government should not be stopped from taking action because this is a culturally sensitive matter.

Another area he will highlight will be that of immigrants who refuse to learn English.

But then he will of course have to stress how much richer both economically and socially the UK has become as a direct result of immigration. Otherwise he leaves himself open to claims of racism.

With one stone the Prime Minister hopes to slay two birds in the minds of the British electorate.

But without firm policies and action this can only be a pretence and, with many immigrants coming from within the EU, which we cannot control one wonders what he really can do. Especially as the first task would have to be to heap pain and hardship on anyone on benefits to therefore make working more attractive. If there are jobs where you live that is.

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