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Cameron says yes to the Lisbon Treaty

Cameron says yes to the Lisbon Treaty
November 3rd, 2009
Author: Jeff Taylor

David Cameron has caved in to Europe and will announce that there will be no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The Czech courts have ruled today that the Lisbon Treaty is constitutional and then, once Vaclav Klaus has signed it, all 27 states will have ratified the Treaty and it will become part of EU law.

The UK will lose somewhere in the region of 50 vetoes and an EU presidency will be established. Because of this Cameron feels that things have changed sufficiently for him to change his stance. He has always been careful to leave himself a get out clause should the Czechs sign before the next UK general election. His decision will however anger many who believed he would give them the referendum they want.

But what purpose a referendum would serve now is unclear. All it could do is cause confusion and possibly split not just the Tory party but also the country. And is the Tories lost would another general election need to be called. Cameron’s only hope would be to convince a large number of EU leaders to revisit the question or be seen to be totally isolated. That will not happen. He is stuck with the result as are we.

We in the UK are further into Europe today than we were yesterday. What we must focus on now is identifying the next Brussels power grab.

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4 Responses to “Cameron says yes to the Lisbon Treaty”

  1. Brian English says:

    As he can no longer undo Lisbon he should offer a referendum on membership.

    Acquiescence will lead people to vote for fringe parties (including BNP) because the mainstream politicians refuse to listen.

  2. I agree Brian English.
    Not to put a conspiraloon lilt on this but I have just been reading up on a few articles around the blogs that do point out that the Lisbon Treaty could never have failed. Who is behind the aggressive nature of the formation of The EU is another matter and widely debated by both Conspraloon and the more "rational" all over the internet.

    The most important thing is to establish the nature of the EU. Is it a democratic union? is it communitarian in its approach to the individual or does it serve the individual?

  3. CherryPie says:

    So why did he promise a referendum?

  4. Because he is fib telling toad CheryPie. a referendum on if we should remain in the EU should be next….if he has any backbone…oh I forgot he doesn't.