Margaret Thatcher once famously said "You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning", but David Cameron who has arguably inherited an even bigger mess from Labour could well be saying to his ministers "You may want to see a plan through but remember, you turn when I tell you".

In an exclusive the Independent reports that, coming on the heels of a list of U-Turns the Prime Minister is on the verge of announcing a pause in the coalition's health reforms as well as embarrassingly admitting to mistakes in the plan.

The pause in the plans may last up to three months as plans to hand over £80 billion in healthcare spending to GPs in the face of criticisms that this is privatisation of the NHS via the back door.

The fears are that there would be a lack of accountability and transparency with all sorts of 'secret clubs' of GP consortia spending public money where they want to with patient care being the loser.

The main problem Mr Cameron has, apart from the rejection of the reforms by many health experts and some senior Tories, is that his coalition partners the LibDems rejected the reforms at their conference last month.

The Prime Minister wants to give himself more time to restate the case and includes, according to the Independent, the possibility of a series of meetings where Mr Lansley the Health Secretary, would make the arguments in a 'less confrontational manner'.

The chairman of the LibDem health policy committee, John Pugh, said "There is widespread agreement that the legislation is in trouble. We do not want a fudge on this; we want substantial changes to the legislation before it is passed".

One point to remember in all this though is that people are allowed to change their minds, except of course politicians. We demand that they listen and learn and change and adapt policies. But when they do they are berated for making U-Turns.

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