David Cameron today made it perfectly clear that he cannot see a future for this country outside the EU. His claims that Britain must remain an EU vassal show a level of ignorance of the world and lack of faith in this country disturbing in a Prime Minister.

Key amongst his claims was that the UK’s membership of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, Nato, the World Trade Organisation, the G8, the G20 and the EU was not a matter of “national vanity – it is in our national interest”.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, responded: “It is hard to tell if the Prime Minister is being ignorant or dishonest when he claims we are at the top table at the WTO. We are not. Our place is taken by the EU. If we left the EU we would in fact be there, just as we would be part of all the other organisations he mentions.

“That is the point. Independence will mean greater, not lesser influence on the world stage.”

Mr Farage pointed out the UK’s membership of the Commonwealth, the G8, the G20 and Nato would be completely unaffected by leaving the EU, and our membership of the UN Security Council is being threatened by our continued membership of the EU which wishes to Europeanise the post. As to our membership of the WTO, currently, we are represented there by Karel de Gucht the Belgian EU Commissioner. Britain has no independent representation.

He continued: “It is true that the rules of the game are set in international fora, almost all of which we are members of, and the most important of which, when it comes to our trading interests, the WTO, we would regain influence.

UKIP Rosette

UKIP Rosette

“Cameron talks about a global marketplace, yet he wishes to continue to shackle us to the EU, a declining trading block. Britain needs to be free to set its own trading relationships with the rest of the world. In recent weeks non-EU members Iceland and Switzerland have set up free-trade deals with China. The EU hasn’t. Our trade with the rest of the world is growing, their economies are growing. Isn’t it time Mr Cameron took of his Brussels blinkers and embraced the future?”

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