After David Cameron had delivered his speech to the party faithful, attending Conservatives were all saying how marvellous it was.

Some commentators went on to say that the Prime Minister was setting out a vision for the future that included everyone in the country.

Others took the view that it was a speech designed not to be adventurous but more to maintain a holding pattern whilst the economy slowly regained its balance and pace.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, though takes a different view. A view many people round the country may agree with him on. In his opinion Cameron's speech was 'a damp squib written by ghosts'.

"There was nothing new, nothing about Cameron, and his desires but it was all about those he has looking over his shoulder." Said Mr Farage. "It was so full of the spectres of Cameron’s demons that one can only call it an abysmal damp squib of an effort written not by ghostwriters, but by ghosts.

Nigel Farage by Jeff Taylor © The Economic Voice Limited"Here you have a man who proposed no policy, did not nod to the future once. Instead he was haunted by the spectre of UKIP in his laughable laudations of sticking Qatada on a plane, which his Government only did after spending £1/2 million and making the UK the ECHR’s whipping boy for months. In his boast about Britain’s defence budget, after cutting £875 million in equipment and servicemen, in his bragging about vetoing the EU budget which will see the UK pay a billion pounds more per year. Is he joking? Well at times I am sure he was trying to, but those were the only parts of his speech that weren’t laughable.

"He was obsessed with the undoubted damage left by the last Labour Government and the achievements of Margaret Thatcher who I am sure would be horrified about the direction the Conservative party has taken today."

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